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Project: Madness: In search of life
Project Started: 1st May, 2008 Last Update: 20th July, 2008
Project Owner: Fanotherpg Project Members:
Project Type: cRPG Project Progress:
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Project Overview  
Preview Madness: In search of life is project created by Temporal cooperating with Fanotherpg in Multimedia Fusion 2, which should help in developing cRPG productions in clicks. Game has got all qualities of Secret 1 and 2, this are:
- authorship universe with own rules
- those wellknown like uknown enemies
- intuitive equipment and statistics screens
- very good and realistic game engine

But author didn't end on duplicating the same engine, so he added to it many functions:
- advanced hero and enemy AI
- corrected engines of walking, equipment and spells
- graphic and animation like it is accepted for new productions (prerendered 3D)
- very good chat system and quest log
- different hero and enemies states like poisoned, frozen, changed in stone
- revised map

Game is made by 2 madmen from Poland so homepage is only in Polish language and this is why I started this project page.

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By: Fanotherpg
On: 20th Jul 08, 15:54:26
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Madness brings death...
Posted 20th Jul 08, by Fanotherpg 2 Comments
Unfortunatelly project is actually on hold down. I don't know will it be ressurected or not but Temporal (3D artist and main coder) decided that he won't end this project.

I just hope that he will change his mind because we've got whole engine, all quests are presented in general and only several enemies and proper graphics with texts are needed.

If something will change I will inform you.
The might & power
Posted 30th May 08, by Fanotherpg Post A Comment
Actually project page is partiarly offline but some symbol of power is placed as a background graphic. Really I don't know what it means, what happened and Temporal didn't want to say it to me.

Maybe he is creating something new, or maybe not. Will see it when time comes.


At last meeting he presented me concepts of quests and whole plot and I must say that it is awesome! It's so easy, so poor that each clicker will understand it!

Also new graphics and animations are really awesome, but if the power and might come, or would die in depth of our sins will see. Soon.
Posted 1st May 08, by Fanotherpg Post A Comment
Madness like each greater project has got it more serious and funnier side. Here is collection of different films connected with Anhalor engine, presenting not only gameplay from old engine but also process of creation and testing.



Origin of Anhalor:

Posted 1st May 08, by Fanotherpg Post A Comment
One of the first things which we are looking at during playing is graphic. Thing quite logical and at one time irrational because graphic isn't this what makes that we play in such games like Starcraft... But despite of that we provide access to some screenshots from first alfa versions of our game (screens 1-6) and the newest version (7)

Screen 1:

Hero fight against Reptile with using sword. Square is field with 'spells' icons, 50 is the number of FPS, and those 'pixelish' swordy is cursor.


Screen 2:

Summing the same what on the first one but we try to shoot down the Reptile using bow.


Screen 3:

Using 'firewall' spell on our green enemy.


Screen 4:

Hero in red aura is using spell of freezeball on Reptile.


Screen 5:

Fireball spell effect and visible life harm over Reptile.


Screen 6:

Technical presentation presenting attemting to defeating few enemies with use few applications of fire wall spell.


Screen 7:

Hero escape before Anhalors. Presentation of background graphics like boulders or trees. Difference in size of player and enemies, and HUD. But cursor still isn't changed.


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