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Project: Dai-2-Ji Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing Tactics Gaiden
Project Started: 20th February, 2008 Last Update: 20th February, 2008
Project Owner: neostellarstone Project Members:
Project Type: Tactical SRPG Project Progress:

Project Overview  
This game takes place after the events of the original Big Rigs. Truck racing has been banned after several controversies regarding the racing of "Rigs" being rigged.

Several armed protests and riots against this nationwide injunction against truck racing have turned the barren wastelands of the post-apocalyptic rigsverse into an all out warzone.

On one side of the conflict are a group calling simply themselves "Winner," a group of exiled Rigs racers who believe that their victories were legit and that their sport is not a crime. On the other side, the legally sanctioned government agency known as "AAAARR" or All-American Agency Against Rig Racing.

Together they fight in an epic battle of destiny spanning across the ghost towns of Devil Passage all the way to the haunted depths of Forgotten Road.

Who will be the winner? Who will be the one to decide the destiny and shape the future of all mankind?

It all depends on you. Play this game and experience the epic battle of a lifetime.


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By: DaVince
On: 3rd Mar 08, 14:16:51
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