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Open Application Admin!
News posted 22nd August, 2006 by Rikus  
Once every blue moon we open up the door to our exclusive club of admins. A brand new admin page just waits for you to explore! We are looking for a new Admin to join our team. The rules: You will have to have been have a member of this site longer then 1 year. Also, let me know why we should pick you to be the next admin. We are not looking for someone short term - if you are even thinking of applying then this should be for the long run, and you should be able to have enough free time to update the website every couple of days. You can send your application to my DC-mail.

The person who gets the job should also know that you will have 3 months to "Wow" yourself to your fellow admins and the sites visitors. If you stop the updates after a couple of weeks we can with no excuses remove your admin status, and we will start everything again. After the 3 months your name will be added to the front page and we will have another celibration on the front page. Until then, when you are ready dc-mail me, be detailed, wow me with your knowledge and experience and/or your ability to write a good application. Good luck! I will follow up with the winner, and the applications will close this time next week.

Posted by Jason Orme 22nd August, 2006

Mail sent.
Posted by Mruqe 22nd August, 2006

Go Jason!

I'd make a terrible admin right now. Not enough time to spare...

I think Phizzy should apply. Everybody loves Phizzy. He's got such a great sense of humor. And he's one of the most active and helpful users around. And he stands for all those christian values that this site seriously lacks so far... Not to mention his general cuteness.
Posted by Dustin Gunn 22nd August, 2006

What does World of Warcraft have to do with this?
Posted by Jason Orme 22nd August, 2006

lol, I too thought that at first.
Posted by Mruqe 22nd August, 2006

Just don't forget those chrisian values!
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 22nd August, 2006

If I can just add something - you should be reasonably competent in HTML (though I'd imagine everyone here is anyway).
Posted by Mruqe 22nd August, 2006

How confident and optimistic of you, Wong
Posted by Jason Orme 22nd August, 2006

Add that I have a wide knowledge of HTML to my application.
Posted by Ski 22nd August, 2006

And beautiful long flowing hair, yes?
Posted by ..:.Phox.:.. 22nd August, 2006

I'd really enjoy being an admin, but I'm not into the HTML thing so, I cut myself off the list...
oh well, better people will take the place, I'm sure. I hope it's phizzy. GO PHIZZY GO!
Posted by defenestrator 22nd August, 2006

Please, everyone else apply in order to decrease the chances that Phizzy will be elected. I'll cry myself to death.
Posted by Jason Orme 22nd August, 2006

"And beautiful long flowing hair, yes?"

I'd win hands down.

or atleast for longest hair... i'd even beat the girls.
Posted by 22nd August, 2006

there are alot of people id like to see become admin, but phizzy is the most active of my bunch. Go Phizzy!
Posted by Jason Orme 22nd August, 2006

Although according to his profile, hasnt been a member for over a year.
Posted by Silveraura 22nd August, 2006

And the profile tells no lies!
Posted by -Vinny- 22nd August, 2006

well, that's because phizzy's had multiple accounts ... i think
Posted by Peblo 23rd August, 2006

Or you're wrong.
Posted by Muz 23rd August, 2006

Lol. Phizzy's been deleted a few times I think. Better admin candidate than classic ole Ashman .

Wow... 3 months of proving yourself. Reminds me of the first admin elections. I remember back when Circ used to post every piece of junk with a screenshot on the front page, opposed to how he would ramble about the lack of quality of submissions these days . And I would hang around the Pending page, looking for something to put on the front page before Circy got to it.

'Twas fun. Too bad events in the Click Community seem to happen in short bursts. There'd be a mass of good games, competitions, etc for a few days, and nothing would happen for a few more days. Hmm.. come to think about it, wasn't there some sort of 'news hunter' or so job a few years back?
Posted by Fanotherpg 23rd August, 2006

Let the win the best
Posted by Peblo 23rd August, 2006

Posted by Simon Colmer 23rd August, 2006

app sent, fingers crossed!!
Posted by Fanotherpg 23rd August, 2006

Nothing best person will win.. I wish luck everybody
Posted by Ski 23rd August, 2006

I hope it's Jason Orne actually. Hes not OTT and hes sensible unlike some
Posted by Joe.H 23rd August, 2006

I should get it just for pointing out the fact that we need a new admin
Posted by 23rd August, 2006

Go Phizzy!! Lol.
Posted by Hempuli 23rd August, 2006

Go Phizzy or Jason!!
Posted by Hempuli 23rd August, 2006

Who drew that picture? It's exellent.
Posted by Radix 23rd August, 2006

Looks like a Mad illustration to me.
Posted by Joe.H 23rd August, 2006

Posted by Jason Orme 23rd August, 2006

Oh, thankyou for the nice comments.
Posted by Ski 23rd August, 2006

Mr Orme for admin! lol again

Posted by Flava 23rd August, 2006

Either way I think Rikus and the other admins will be deciding who gets the job - Jason looks like a popular choice though
Posted by Jason Orme 23rd August, 2006

I'm a active member, When releasing things I go for quality rather than quantity, plus I remove my old projects with dead links etc.

Dispite that I'm here everyday. To see whats new.
Posted by Flava 23rd August, 2006

I think he meant that you don't post much
Either way I think there are plenty of people here who'd be great for the job.
Posted by Broomie 23rd August, 2006

Radix for admin.

Or me.
Posted by DaVince 23rd August, 2006

I don't see ME become an admin here, even though I might be qualified for it. I think I'll be too busy in the future and stuff.
Posted by DaVince 23rd August, 2006

Oh yeah, and good luck Jason and Phizzy.
Posted by Stian B. 23rd August, 2006

Phizzy as admin,haha,or bin laden as president ?
No lets be serious,Jason looks like a good choice.
Posted by 23rd August, 2006

Lol i would suit great as an admin as i have waay too much spare time, so i would be very active!
But... it would be too tempting to make news posts about Samuel L Jackson, Cheese and Laser-shooting doors... So im sorry, you must find someone else
Posted by Reno 23rd August, 2006

Good luck Phizzy. I actually want you to win!
Posted by 23rd August, 2006

*glances into the future*

and the newest polls:
Phizzy: too many to count
Jason: same
Radix: i wonder if hes even running
Skydragon: 1 1/2

Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 23rd August, 2006

I shall enter.

Vote for me, and I'll give out free cupcakes.
Posted by Ski 23rd August, 2006

LOL I vote Lazarus!
Posted by Mruqe 23rd August, 2006

Ummm... I don't think there's going to be any poll. The admins will decide. And that's a good thing, actually. Democracy is overrated. It gives power to the people with better PR or campaign money...
Posted by Ski 23rd August, 2006

When I saw Vote, I mean recommend
Posted by Fanotherpg 24th August, 2006

It would be better if admins choose withnout recommends because sometimes we recommend our friends but not good people for Admin Rating...
Posted by alibaba 24th August, 2006

We don't want an idiot though. I think this might be a chance for some of the lesser known members to get involved as long as they are keen. Just cos they don't always post, doesn't mean they are not 'active'. its gona be a tough decision tho, glad i'm not making it!
Posted by Fanotherpg 24th August, 2006

alibaba I'm the same opinion that you the most important is to have a goood admin which will work (in shadow) but don't look for profits, don't whant to be famoust etc. so I think that it's little strange to say that e.g. my app was send.. vote for me.. or something in this style.. I wish that Admins will choose correct person. And if this person won't check they will choose next
Posted by Flava 24th August, 2006

The good thing is that there isn't really much to lose - there is a trial period for the admin, so if it doesn't work out with whoever they hire, then they can just get rid of him/her and hire somebody else. So either way, the good thing is that they are bound to eventually find a good admin who updates regularly.
Posted by Liquixcat 24th August, 2006

I guess I vote for Jason Orme? Phizzy will never be Admin, I don't know why any of you hope that he is, it won't happen.
Posted by Nova Soft 24th August, 2006

Obviously, Phizzy for admin... Though Based on the totalitarian way in which TDC seems to be run (NOT THAT I'M COMPLAINING OMG DON'T BAN ME), I think it may be unlikely.

Instead, we'll most likely get some self-appointed "13373r than thou" klikker with no sense of humour and lashings of cockiness and arrogance.

You know? The "I'm to good to join an MSN group conversation with you n00bs" type.

Like I said, Go Phizzy!
Posted by Ski 24th August, 2006

YEAH! then you can both send out your little prank applications.

"Instead, we'll most likely get some self-appointed "13373r than thou" klikker with no sense of humour and lashings of cockiness and arrogance."

Phizzy is without these? Hell, where have I been?
Posted by Jason Orme 24th August, 2006

Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 24th August, 2006

I r ter admins!
Posted by Cazra 24th August, 2006

I nominate Batel (aka National Flibberal) for President!!!
Posted by Johnny Look 25th August, 2006

Phizzy powa !
Posted by Wicked Studios 25th August, 2006

I think jason should get the admin position, only because he DOES have long flowing hair, that I'm sure is only rivaled by that of the women in shampoo commercials....but not by much. lol
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 25th August, 2006

Can we nominate Jesus?
Posted by Muffin Batel [neonair games] 25th August, 2006

Posted by Jason Orme 25th August, 2006

lmao @ Wicked Studios
Posted by Jason Orme 27th August, 2006

I guess they are trying to follow in your footsteps Phizzy
Posted by Broomie 27th August, 2006

"That wasn´t funny... Why are so many unfunny people suddenly appearing and laughing at each other? "

How can you say that when you're not even funny yourself. You're fucked up in the head, but you're not funny.
Posted by Ski 27th August, 2006

OK Jason or Broomie for admin lol
Posted by Liquixcat 27th August, 2006

Add Broomie to my list aswell.
Posted by Rikus 29th August, 2006

We cut the list to 5 folks. We now have to decide between them, stay tuned.. and no we wont tell ya who those 5 people are
Posted by Liquixcat 29th August, 2006

I know who they are already though. Or do I? Yes.
Posted by Ski 29th August, 2006

Posted by Jason Orme 30th August, 2006

*crosses fingers*
Posted by Fanotherpg 31st August, 2006

The worst is waiting...
Posted by Ski 31st August, 2006

I only like/know a couple of them


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