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20th July, 2004 at 00:26:56 -

Hey everyone, lets post something positive instead of all the usual negative crap on these forums. Ok, here's the deal:

You pick a person(any person on these forums) and say something you LIKE about them. It doesn't matter if they're a complete ass, just say the nice thing, since almost everyone has atleast 1 nice quality.

Ok, here I go....

Hayo: Great Spriter + Nice Guy
Gigas: Makes Cool Graphics
Circy: Makes great music(compared to me )
Phizzy: Has a sweet mullet.

Ok, so now you...


Kirby Smith

Resident Slacker


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20th July, 2004 at 01:53:40 -

I like DEC Stuff cuz he's a fellow intellecual and enjoys debating political topics (granted that was last summer, but still...).

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20th July, 2004 at 02:23:12 -

Radix and Defenestrator are good adversaries and are intelligent.

Steve Zissou: Anne-Marie, do all the interns get Glocks?

Anne-Marie: No, they have to share one.


Possibly Insane

20th July, 2004 at 03:00:56 -

I admire God for not smiting down Pete Nattress and his friends after blowing off those bananas... *shudder*

Show me the power child,
I'd like to say,
That I'm down on my knees today,
Gives me the butterflies,
Gives me away,
'Til I'm up on my feet again,
I'm feeling outshined.

"Outshined" - SoundGarden

Pete Nattress

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20th July, 2004 at 06:06:28 -

who told you about that picture! (save target as if you really wanna see it)

i admire radix and JP for their cats.

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Hamish M

20th July, 2004 at 06:33:01 -

I admire myself because I'm modest




20th July, 2004 at 08:45:42 -

Kramy- I enjoyed his robot game. And, this is the least retarded idea for a post I've seen on here lately.

JP- tried to help all my adoring fans get in touch with me.

Pete Nattress- "banned" JP for it. Likes cats.

Rocktard- posts on my forum.

Hamish- gave me a better review than I would have given myself, makes good games, is not retarded. Also voted for me many times in the GOTW.

ZeroTau- may hate stupidity even more than I do.

Brad- I don't know this guy at all, but he seemed reasonably intelligent in discussing a specific issue (offshoring), and "reasonably intelligent" automatically makes him the smartest guy here. Oops. You are all geniuses, I mean.

Radix- said something reasonably funny the other day, and you can probably guess what "reasonably funny" makes him.

JD- puts forth a good effort in trying to keep DC admins' egos in check. Also, his creative ability has improved greatly from the days of Mayhem 3.

Chris Branch- is a pretty funny guy and provides a lot of useful information to the community, like the 360 degree thing I just found of his on the CT boards (yes, I am a loser and didn't already know how to do it).

Tigerworks- also very helpful. Makes a lot of extensions.

Circy- has completed many more projects than I have, and has developed a distinct visual style.

Wong Chung Bang- very level-headed. An excellent moderator.

Clubsoft- from what I understand, makes this place go.

Shab- hasn't let his position go to his head, and has brought enthusiasm into things such as the mini-competitions.

dogzer- is funny every time he says anything. I'm not sure if that's intentional, but you can't argue with his results.

Well, that's all that comes to mind at the moment.




20th July, 2004 at 08:57:51 -

defenestrator - is not a loser

Radix - crazy in the coconut, and that 'cb' guy who added you the other day is me so unblock me kthx

Circy - 5 PIXEL OUTLINES AND CIRCLESOFT!!!!!!!!11111111111 ::D

danjo - blunt but always correct

NationalLiberal - he bought lots of stocks in me, so now I'm rich

Kirby/JP/DEC/Coffee - all sensible and intelligent guys - without them, our 'Kerry for President' topics would have terrible spelling and several exclamation marks

Kris - also very knowledgable and sometimes funny

And if you were missed out, dc-mail me with a description of your good qualities and I'll copy/paste it here


The Chris Street

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20th July, 2004 at 09:44:17 -

Andi: Genuine nice guy who takes an interest in what I'm working on

Chris Nimmo: Gotten to know him pretty well over the last year, a decent dude

Citizen: Longtime friend, pretty much since I first joined the community. He's stuck up for me so many times, both past and present, and probably for other klikkers too. A pillar of salt for the community.

Mark Pay: His graphics continue to amaze me, and when I met him at the 2003 Convention he seemed quite shy, but perfectly happy to chat to me about stuff. Plus, in the convention prior to that, he offered to take me to Hemel Hempstead hospital after my car accident, where my Dad lay, lapsing out of conciousness. A genuine guy.

Podunkian: As a person, I find him questionable. However he has continued to impress me with his spriting and art skills - AND takes the time to make three Circy games

Hayo: Despite having developed an alias here at TDC (NationalLiberal - HAR HAR HAR I HAVE STOCKS IN YOU), he's a persistent klikker with great graphical talent. Plus he always gives me Bernard and Hank betas whenever I ask for them

Zerotau: He's making Mina Of The Pirates, quite probably the most anticipated game in klik history - ever. Nuff said.

Ashman: I liked his new screenshot

Gigas: Creator of Flanville - to me, for a period of time, it was amazingly addictive until my character got too powerful and the game got boring. Still, mightily impressive, considering I stopped playing any other game (including console games)

Pulsecode (Dan somethingorutha): Working on a gorgeous looking platformer, and has promised to show me something soon

Danjo: Not entirely convinced that Pacz would be worth buying, as its similar to Pacman Worlds, but this guy is extrodinarily talented in all aspects (graphics, engines, effects, etc). Plus he's a nice guy. Apart from when he removed my dentures avatar at Acoders (and probably at Natomic too )

Beau: Has a distinct graphical style - almost retro, which intrigues me

Skn3 (Jon Pittock): A former drug addict, this guy likes to dress up as Osama Bin Laden, and he has a beard. He's one of a rare breed of guys who's actually made me laugh. Oh, and he coded the Acoders website - which is stunning

Alonso: Has promised to show me a beta of Centaurus at some point. A good guy, has given me lots of advice in the past.

RhysD: A good graphics artist, he wrote a nice tutorial on isometric style graphics. Due to the way he wrote it, any idiot can now be as good as him

Hamish: Not entirely an all-round nice guy, but he's a good coder and his graphics are great, almost Amiga-esque in style. He made Furry and Commando (I think Furry was better though, cos he could duck)

Theres plenty more people I could post about too - Clubsoft, Rikus, Pete Nattress, Spiderhead, Jay, CYS, StopGap, Twi Terror, and more besides. Basically, I think Kramy's right - everyone has a talent somewhere along the line



Stone Goose


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20th July, 2004 at 11:28:55 -

Lilmouse: I don't believe there is something like "internet friends", but he is one. Also a good upcoming spriter/klikker.

Jon(Smegsoft): ...there must be a reason I unblock him everytime.

Pete Natress: A good and fair admin, and a good person.

Circy: that guy just keeps asking for Bernard&Hank betas

Spiderhead: A nice person who keeps going.

Tom Filhol: I love stoners, especially when they are good spriters and level designers

and of course all the Iklik-it veterans...just cuz they are Iklik-it veterans.


Possibly Insane

20th July, 2004 at 12:40:56 -

hayo makes damn good graphics!

shen makes a great chat on IRC when I catch him on there

PS. Cheers Chris


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"Say you're hanging from a huge cliff at the top of mt. everest and a guy comes along and says he'll save you, and proceeds to throw religious pamphlets at you while simultaniously giving a sermon." - Dustin G


20th July, 2004 at 13:22:07 -

Ok, here's some more...

Ashman: Despite using many perverted comments in the past, he was very funny.
Defenestrator: Actually a really cool guy. He made a neat game too.
Kris: For making lots of kool apps in various languages.(and his avatar )
Joshtek: For always knowing more.(strangely)

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Mr. Esch

Stone Goose

20th July, 2004 at 13:30:51 -

Hayo: Coz he stopped me from killing myself (internet friends rock if you can find them)

Spiderhead: Coz... ? ... he's thin

Kramy: Coz he's making me use my brain more

Jon (Smegsoft): Because it was fun to tease him

Do you feel you are being... watched?


20th July, 2004 at 13:43:29 -

mig2: because he made the best click game ever: lost valley, which shows that ripped gfx mean shit when the game is huge and addictive.
chris branch: because he has the avatar that is always's like oh loook at the avatar and then before you know it you're like woah its different and thats cool



20th July, 2004 at 17:07:17 -

is that really you sucking on that girl's naner pete?

Steve Zissou: Anne-Marie, do all the interns get Glocks?

Anne-Marie: No, they have to share one.

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