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Dr. James MD



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12th April, 2004 at 18:04:29 -

it was probably something to do with the age old bacteria picking up slight vibrations and hey presto, a billion years later, we can hear.

think of it like this; whats the point in having a voice box if we cant hear?

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13th April, 2004 at 13:18:40 -

Direct answer: when you are being hunted with a deaf man, you are more likly to run from a noise than said deaf man, thats survival of the fitest in lay-mans for you.

and by the way: pretty much every thing with hearing evolved from a single species... in the same way that everything with wings came from a single species, so its not amazing that so many different creatures have it. you should listen in science lessons.

Muz: the best theory for why we have 2 feet is that some monkeys( well monkey types) mutated the ability and this allowed them many things, the most useful being it taking less energy to walk (dont ask me how that works) which allowed a female monkey type to have more children in her lifetime. plus with hands came the ability to make tools, the one reason we arent extinct.

Teapot: you make it sound like the victorians were single celled organisms, lets do a little math, a single generation is generally about 25 years... maybe more maybe less... who knows. since the common callender started there have been 600 generations. not much has changed there. but since the begining of life? suffice to say its a lot....mamals, sort of started as it were a bit over 65 million years ago, thats 2.6 million generations. i dont have any reference books with an approximate age of terrestrial life but if its taken 65million years to get from rat type things to use, it would have taken *quite* a bit more to get from single cells to all the different things that there are now.

Kirby: dont you just love logic?

Jay: if humans didnt evolve, then you'd possibly still have neanderthals. other than that, my bet is on the rats. they got them shifty eyes...
2: voice box prolly came after hearing, to alert other hearing animals of our species that they are about to get killed (more survival)

joNickArt: MUTATION fool!

Tigs: if your right, then there have been 120 million generations (if 1billion is 1000,000,000 which i guess is what you think of it as, although it should be 1,000,000,000,000)

dont hate me if any of what ive said sounds like im being mean to you, its entirely unintended

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13th April, 2004 at 13:47:47 -

The earth is mereley a dust molecule in somebody's house and we are the parasites and mites which inhabit it... Ok, maybe not.

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13th April, 2004 at 16:02:33 -

I often think like that, seriously! "Hmmm... what if the universe is nothing but a mere dustball in a house on a small planet in a even bigger universe, which is only a mere underwear of a creature who changes his underwear alot, and lives on a sligthly bigger planet in a even larger universe, and so on, and so on...

I've gotta stop thinking. It's bad for my head.

The content above makes absolutely no sense. But I guess you've already figured that out.

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13th April, 2004 at 20:02:49 -

The universe itslef exists in a way we either
dont know about or couldnt comprehend.

we can only find things out by finding evidence and then guessing from that evidence.
any evidence on how we came to be would be really hard to find because of the inhospitality of the universe and the size of it.

there is a lot of evidence on earth of how we used to be millions of years ago in fossils but anybody thinking that these fossils of apemen are early humans are only using educated guesses. they could be wrong but we take the best guess as the answer until it is proven wrong.

there are a lot of theories out there but there are so many possibilities as to what humans started out as.

Unfortunatly God, if there is such an entity doesnt appear to be answering our questions or mabye he is but we arent listening?
i just dont know.


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