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4th February, 2004 at 10:39:23 -

My first game I made with my brother in Klik and Play. It was actually a pretty fun remix of games. Sorry, its not left .



4th February, 2004 at 13:52:59 -

The first game I made was called "Mini Karts Racing". It had a cool looking 2D race car...I don't know how I ever drew such a great piece of art. My graphics seem to have gotten crappier and crappier as my coding gets better. Unfortunately, every level was more bug-filled than the last, so I turfed it.

Then I made some other crappy games that are hardly worth mentioning.

My 20th or 30th game was called "Tic-Tac-Toe", and it was my first bug-free game.

Since them I've made:
RPG Engine 1(movement)
RPG Engine 2(movement + ini saving)
RPG Engine 3(movement + ini saving + encryption + inventory + battle engine + stats + quest system + good tile graphics)

Platform Engine 1(bug-filled)
Platform Engine 2(bug-filled)
Platform Engine 3(flawless movement, jumping, shooting, item pickup, and climbing - You play a blue circle on a green landscape doing stuff)

Then I realized I needed graphics, so asked for help, but that didn't go anywhere, so I learned how to 3D model, but I can tell I lack talent in the area.
Then I realized I needed a website for games, so I learned HTML + Javascript, and made ~8 websites and kept redesigning until they looked semi-ok.

I soon realized I needed MMF if I ever wanted to go forward coding stuff, so I bought it and learned how to use about 140 of its objects.
Then I made a nasty scrolling engine that worked fine at 1280x1024 on my 1.7ghz comp, so long as I avoided transparency.
Then I made a tile-based loading system and event editor for an RPG maker, but never finished it.
Then I made a basic engine that lets you build buildings and units and move them around on a 48x48 grid. Flaw was it could only command one unit at a time.

Now I realize I'd like to try making 3D games, and have bought Jamagic.
I made a Binary Convertor that converts Binary to/from ASC-II for a geocaching quiz.
Learning Jamagic.

That about sums it up. Hope it's not too long.



4th February, 2004 at 14:44:02 -

The very first game I did in KnP was "Blop". The name is by todays standards dull, but mind you, it was before I met the internet. I had played with some random projects before ... allthough they were more exploring than creating a game, so Blop was the first thing Ill classify as a game.

It featured Blop, a blue circle more or less with arms, eyes and mouth. And his girlfriend (name forgotten), and an evil professor with a german accent. He needed Blops girlfriend for some experiment, so he beamed her up into his airship (Sonic anyone?) and took of. Then Blop had to complete 20 levels or so to rescue her. Like Sonic the hedgehog the game featured a world with different environments like grass, desert etc. The first levels were not that bad, but it became rather repetitive.

- Blop, girlfriend, evil professor all animated original graphics (and really not that ugly allthough rather primitive).
- Blop shot red balls after his enemies.
- Several original enemies, a snake, a bee and more, fully animated. NO library use.
- Blop had a "idle" animation, he played with a yo-yo (well, really just rolled it up and down).
- Sonic the hedgehog inspired final level against the professor (not a ripoff or copy: just inspired).
- A lot of original backdrops, intro scene ... only used little library.
- A cavern with falling rocks that broke when hitting the ground/jumping about before disappearing.

I lost the game at some point many years ago ... A pitty really ... could be really funny to look at it today...

If you knew, I would have to kill you...


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4th February, 2004 at 15:00:12 -

First KNP game was an adventure/shooter called "An Odd Adventure".

My first TGF game was a platformer caleld "Death Castle"

My first finnished TGF game was a platformer called Mr. Chip.

My first MMF game was a shooter called Coral Critters.

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4th February, 2004 at 15:22:45 -

My first TGF game was 'Creepy Castle' with a very crude Skare D. Kat (Why I originally named him that!) sprite. He had to go through the castle to reach a giant, killer donut terrorizing the masses. Best thing was having a score in the game but no actual ways of adding to it !


Pete Nattress

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4th February, 2004 at 15:29:36 -

i made a game called "kenny in hell" when i downloaded the demo of TGF... it was a pants platform game inspired by all those south park games that were around a while back. it used the default platfom movement and this crappy ripped graphic of kenny from southpark. i don't think it was a bad first attempt.... shame my other games haven't been much of an improvement.

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4th February, 2004 at 21:46:20 -

My first game ever was called "Rick Ball" (named after me), and it had all library graphics, some of them modified. It was made in KnP and it had some pretty decent ideas, but was largely crap. It was a breakout clone with bosses and enemies.

After that came "Blob", a platformer where you controlled a pink blob. It was all completely original graphics, but they were so horrible that you couldn't tell what was a background object and what was an enemy. You could stick to walls, too (I passed it off as being a feature that I made, although it was actually a glitch). It used the basic platform movement and had annoying music. Overall, it was shit.

The third was a game called Pokemon Death Camp (inspired from a web site or something) where you could toast one of the turtle pokemons with a flamethrower, and throw that pink jelly one into a vat of acid. It was also quite bad (do you see a trend here?).

Yeah, that's about all of my early works that I can remember. It's cool digging into your klik history... everyone should tell of their beginning years. It would give the new users of Klik software hope when they learn that a top-quality developer from FAInd or a similar group used to make crappy pong games and standard platform movement horrors, and I'm sure they all did at one stage.




5th February, 2004 at 14:26:54 -

My first game was a horseracing 'simulation' written in Easy AMOS - choose a horse and little horses...moved...slowly...and randomly, from one side of the (blank) screen to the other.
My second game was Breakout, TGF library graphics style.
My third game was called "Brian's Big Adventure" and had a guy in a submarine. Two levels were made.

(okay, it sucked, but I was seven, okay?)


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