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3rd February, 2004 at 18:53:11 -

What was your first game you ever made, and what was it like?

My first KnP game was a game called "Factories" in which you controlled a little bald guy through a bunch of factories, (don't ask, I was only 8 ). It was total crap, but it was only my very first game )

My first Gfactory game was a sort of 2-D doom. I forgot what it was called, but it had Gfactory libs in it. It was terrible any way!

My first Cnc game was "Elf World" and fixed it in MMF and that was the first game I ever released.

So what was yours?

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3rd February, 2004 at 19:32:41 -

The first game I ever made was a Space Invaders type game called Space Chaos. Very few objects in the game were not from the TGF libraries. However, I never released the game since it's not really good anyways.

Then I made a Pong clone called Hauntball. There isn't anything to stop the ball from going offscreen. But, if it does go offscreen, it'll wrap around the screen onto the other side. To win, you have to hit a library ghost at the top of the bricks.

Then I made a weird game called Woof!Woof!. You control a dog and catch steaks that fall from a steak tree.

Then I made a crappy Pacman clone called Little Tunneler Boy. It used all library graphics. The enemy engine was really bad because the enemies went through walls.

Then I made an okay game called feel the heat. This time all the graphics were original. The title screen had a big hot sauce bottle with a drop of hot sauce with a modified version of my face on it dripping down saying "By the powers of naughtiness, I command this drop of hot sauce to be really Really HOT!" while a smiley dude was being chased below by a devil dude. In the actual game, you're in this simple arena. You have collect all the mild peppers before while avoiding the devil dude that's chasing you. Each level has an additional devil dude and a maximum of 4 devils.

After this, I decided I was skilled enough to try to make a platform game. I called it Icy Dragon's Quest. The main character, Snerlin the icy dragon had a good engine(platform movement with a little flying engine). The plot of the game was, you are trying to find Snerlin's friend Merlin who was kidnapped by a bad guy of some sort. After a while, I decided to make a custom platform engine for it. I looked at the source code in Zeb and looked at the tutorials that came with TGF and managed to make a fairly good platform movement with an antisink problem. Soon afterwards, I abandoned the game only completing the 1st world.

Then I had an idea for a new platform game: Phase Off. Kralo's(the main character) world was taken over by these alien people who were greedy for some kind of mineral.
It kind of had a Megaman gameplay since I was going to make it so you can get more attacks from bosses. Your default weapon is a beam sword. After making the first 2 stages, I abandoned that too.

Then I tried to make a Battlebots type game. To make a long story short, it didn't really work.

Then I tried making some other games that I forgot about.

Then I started a game called Kung Neonair in which the main character is our mascot, Neonair the Grim Reeper. Neonair worked at a Chinese restaurant owned by his friend, Ching. Then Evil Lawyers came and threatened to destroy the restaurant if you don't make the Ultimate Ching Chong Soup. Then you must travel through the worlds and collect the ingredients. I got bored with it after starting on the 2nd world. I may one day finish this game. I'll probably end up redoing it though.

Then I tried making some other games.

Then I made the first game that I actually published: Grim's Challenge. Check my profile to see what that's about. I don't recommend downloading though until I find a host that will let you download files at more than 1kbps.

Then soon after that, I made published my second game, Sweet Legends. This game was pretty successful. Check my profile to see it.

Then I mad Dragon Legend, then Wizard Wars(my first adventure game which was okay.), then Monochrome Air(an arcade game where you bouce a stickdude all over the place above a flaming pit of death with a trampoline), then Grimworld Cinema Wars(a collection of Neonair shortfilms),then I made Wizard Wars 2:_Pepper Frog(sequal to Wizard Wars1. It had a frogger type gameplay and got excellent reviews).

Now I'm working on the following titles: Barry the Bean(platform), Tales of Faerun(RPG), Bubba the Blob(action platform).

That's my general click game biography. Good thing it was 800 pages like an Einstein biography I had to read once.

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3rd February, 2004 at 19:35:57 -

My first game was called "Craig's Bouncey Ball Game" made with KNP it was a sort of like a pong or breakout type game. It was made on a very old black and white screened laptop so after putting it on a disk and trying it on a colour monitor the colours where really weird like people had green skin because on the laptop green justed looked like a shade of grey. I don't have my game anymore, I kinda wish I did though. I miss its crapness.



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3rd February, 2004 at 20:25:38 -

My first ever game would've been in QBASIC. I don't recall which exactly, but it was either a game where you catch a laser, a Pikachu shooter or a 2-player duelling game (Which I later made a KnP varsion of).

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3rd February, 2004 at 20:53:50 -

My first game was a 3-level version of Brickout, which kinda sucked.

Since then, I've yet to actually complete a game. Most of my projects are entirely too ambitious. I've got a couple in the works right now though that I think will eventually see release -- I hope.

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3rd February, 2004 at 20:59:32 -

My first game was an html game made in school called, "Maverick". I got maybe 50 pages done with different paths and crappy paint picture drawings and eventually left it. Hmmm actually I think it might be on the schools computer still. If I ever go back to my junior highschool, I'll try and rescue it and release it to the public for minutes of boring entertainment.



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3rd February, 2004 at 21:10:22 -

I actually found some of my old KNP games off a ZIP disk a while back. They suck, but they were still nothing compared to my first efforts.

My first QBasic game was called Wing Commander 77......and it was a text based game where you had like 3 questions to answer to destroy another ship. The only thing it had going for it was the stupid typos and funny PC speaker effects.

My first KNP game I ever remember finishing was either one I don't remember the name for, or one I called Train Tracks.
The one, whose name I cannot remember seeming though it was 10 years ago more or less, was where you controlled a blue block guy and had to bump into this ball to get points, but you had to avoid the little green dogs that kept on appearing and if you touched them you would lose your points. Cute...yeah.
Train tracks was pretty original as far as I remember. You basically controlled this train that would move up and down a track on the screen and had to blast all of these balls on the other side of the track. But you had to guard the 3 bases you had on your side of the track, otherwise you'd lose. It had like 5 different levels. Wasn't too bad, but very short.

My first completed TGF game was probably Skimish. (It should have been Skirmish, but I couldn't spell) Basically a one on one side view platformer for 2 players on the one computer. You could collect powerups that could make your weapon better and health to heal your dood. Plus it had 5 levels, a couple of which were really evil! Besides that, it was crappy.

And my first MMF game? N/A...maybe Prototype X, if I could be bothered!

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3rd February, 2004 at 21:33:25 -

My first game was made in about 2 hours on the very day I first got KNP. It was Dotman... a little yellow pacman dude with no directions, no looping animation, with green as a background instead of transparent, must avoid plain black circles that move on dodgy path movements that always fly over the top of the brown block obstacles...

It was one of 20 KNP games I finished before they were accidently deleted... long story. It's like... history gone down the drain... history and 20 of the worst games you've ever played.

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3rd February, 2004 at 22:51:39 -

My first game was in Qbasic, it was called World Run, I cant remember the story, I didnt quiete finish it, and my brother deleted it later on but I remember it being pretty action packed and was the first time I actuley got qbasic to produce a bug. (Yeah you disagree, but I wont talk about it)

When I got KNP my first game was for my first girl friend. You can still download it on FKT, its called Dorian Quest.

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3rd February, 2004 at 23:40:41 -

my first game in TGF was a Pong type of game that used TGF Lib gfx , and had around 5 levels. it sucked so much ass

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4th February, 2004 at 04:16:58 -

My first game ever was a very simple text adventure game that was simply called "Mansion", written in QBasic. With Klik and Play, however, my brothers and I worked on "Escape from Castle Dracula", a platform game that was thrown together using the standard libraries. - Games, music, living in America


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4th February, 2004 at 05:55:46 -

I suprisingly didn't use all too many library graphics in my first games. Infact, I can only remember 1 game I made only using library graphics, and that was just because of the type of game. I always loved to use my own graphics.

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4th February, 2004 at 07:28:39 -

after playing a fake sonic 2 level called dust hill zone i remember spending ages trying to find 'the games factory' on the internet after seeing the splash screen but to no avail

then after a few months i found the clickteam website and got the demo

i made buzz the squirrel even though it was rubbish
i didnt realise the demo had only 30 days so when it stopped working i deleted it all

a few months later i went back to and found klik and play for schools
i worked on a different buzz the squirrel game using one screen per level due to k&p limits
then i found 'the games factory' in a shop so i finished buzz the squirrel saved as a stand alone and submitted to loads of websites.
i signed up a tdc later on.



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4th February, 2004 at 07:44:59 -

The first game I ever finished was called 'Tony Blair: Armed and Dangerous." Sucked really, I made it in Klik & Play, and I wasn't very good at making games either. I still have it, for old times sake, but I don't think it's worth ever uploading, maybe only for comedy value.



4th February, 2004 at 08:27:44 -

My first KNP game that I completed was called "Baby Baby", which I made to make fun of my younger brother. At that time I carried no knowledge of how to resize the picture editor size, so if I wanted to make a bigger monster than 32x32 I would make it and stretch it out on the playboard. It featured no sounds or music and was generally an animation of the main character flying to the right (the screen didn't move, as it was just a white background anyway) as oncoming projectiles flew his way (he used super sonic screaming cries as a weapon). There were three levels of this, and at the end of the last level the end boss appeared, which was a super huge head that was once a previous model for the main character. Upon defeating the boss and winning the game you would see the character fly down to a caged girl captive, release her, fly away, and promptly toss her... because he doesn't like girls. =o

Later on I made a sequel to that game, "Baby Baby 2", which became a platform game in KNP that carried a frame-to-frame level composition. He still used the same "weapon", though the original KNP platform stuff and my knowledge of KNP back then created a defunct firing system. This time around, though, even though it was a platformer I was able to implement a successful "flying" engine, where when you jump and pressed Up it would destroy the main character object and replace it with an 8-directional movement flying object that would let you fly around until the fly timer ran out and recharge. This one had several levels to it and several actual bosses, and after every boss he would release another caged young girl and promptly toss them away mid-flight.

I've tried making several different styled sequels (Platform, RPG, etc) to that with enhanced game play and graphics and stuff to my present knowledge, but time and other things have pushed me away from it. I was making this game that would have been a great sequel to it, or kind of a side-story to the story I'm writing now, if only I had been able to properly code in the second world boss. I wanted it at first to be a giant sand worm that weaved it's way through an underground maze, but I wouldn't get the segments to follow through at right proper angles. Then I shifted ideas to a giant mummy that would go around whipping you with it's wraps and stuff that you couldn't hurt unless you used special tactics and broke in some light. But there was a problem with that special part... And then I bought MMF 1.5 (I was working with the demo at the time) and installed it, and I don't think I've been able to open the file since because of a problem with the DMC2 object. Seems that no matter where I have the object or the Bass.dll thing it won't allow me to open it. Ah well, it was a great thing.


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