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20th January, 2004 at 19:54:21 -

My server doesn't allow MMF, using the SUPA SUPA DOWNLOAD OBJECT to download anything. I have also experimented with the FTP object and had the same results.

I need a server, that is (very) permanent. I am creating a program which has an auto updater(as I said). Unfortunetely I need lots of space. This includes space for all file patches, and logs, the check inis, and more.

It is possible to change the location of the stored files, but I would need to be notified prior to this happening. I can tell the program different locations, but it of course, requires an update.

Im doing this to break away from Freewebs which has really slow servers.

I think I only need about 10 megs?
Any ideas?
Will that CLick hosting be any good?

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