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Possibly Insane

22nd January, 2004 at 01:59:32 -

I don't see why people should worry. Everythings fine on the exterior of this site.
You get a steady flow of games...of varying quality perhaps...and all of that kinda stuff. I think The Daily Click serves it's purpose to the community very well.

It seems what is worrying people is the chaos on the boards. I mean things arn't really as bad as they seem. I've seen much more shit being hurled around in boards with member attacking others, and yet they've come through with flying colours not by banning people, closing threads and exercising authority, but being being adults and talking it over and coming to a compromise...or simply by letting it go. Sure most of the people on this board I speak of are in their late teens/early 20's, but it's not hard to act like a mature adult no matter how old you are.
And if there is...well then you can go get stuffed!

I still see this as a good place for a chat and not what...with or without the chaos.

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