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8th September, 2003 at 17:01:58 -

So, I'm tired, bored and a little bit drunk, I've been at college all day, and it's put me in a writing mood. So, I feel like writing a mini article about the age old subject of TGF vs MMF.

On the DC boards, there are often questions questions about problems with TGF. It seems a lot of the time, an answer to the TGF problems are solved by using MMF.
And we still have all those nay-sayers...

So anyway, it's strange how people don't embrace MMF's superior qualities. I'm not talking about those who can't afford it, but those who prefer TGF so they won't upgrade. That's right, I said upgrade. Read Pete Nattress's quality article comparing the interface, and you will see how much better MMF is when you give it half a chance. If you find MMF difficult, think of the increased satisfaction you will get when you become adept at using the software.

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8th September, 2003 at 17:52:46 -

I find it fun to try and come up with ways to mimick MMF's capabilities in TGF.(Which is easy to find out since I have both of them)

I notice that people on newer operating systems, and those that didn't buy TGF PRO, seem to be bug-riddled in TGF. The only big problem I've encountered in TGF is loading strings causing the game to crash. I think I'll have to continue building my RPG in MMF since strings are important for things like names. One of them should turn into a smily...

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eX Com

8th September, 2003 at 19:24:34 -

lol nice work.. lmao looks like u had a few more tries at it too

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The chickens are coming...

Pete Nattress

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9th September, 2003 at 11:05:17 -

yay for my article!

why are the only people who have read that article the people who KNOW what it's about anyway; e.g. the ones who use MMF.

and, of course, i totally agree with asparagus. BUY MMF!

Penguin Seph

9th September, 2003 at 12:22:16 -

I would love MMF but I can't afford it!


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