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Mr. Esch

Stone Goose

15th July, 2003 at 09:43:48 -

Many people who use TDC post a lot of things in the wrong place. When I first joined this community i was uncertain of which parts were what and where I did specific things. I think ther should be a more practical way to show n00bies and other people who dont know how to use it how to use it properly. Have any views on this? Plz post!

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15th July, 2003 at 10:27:28 -

yeah. maybe when a newbie joins:
one of these
1. an email from Dc saying what to do
2. a help section with the menus above (e.g downloads, active users, DC help)
3. If a newbie has rating of "newbie" every time they log in, they get a message saying help and stuff. and a tick box saying "Do not show this message again" when they get annoyed with it.

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