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12th October, 2023 at 12/10/2023 13:02:08 -

I've been trying to track down some Halloween games which seem to have fallen into the aether.

Does anyone have any of the following games:

Slasher Boy Halloween Competition Demo released by PixelRebirth in2009 - (SlasherBoyHalloweenDemo.rar)

Halloween chapter one (final version) released by JAY in 2002 -

The House (v2.00) released by Ryan Bloom in 2005 - (TheHouseinstall_200.exe)

To Darken My World Compo Edition Demo released by Xhunterko in 2009 - (

Quarantine released by Aden in 2009 - (Quarantine.exe)

Pac Trip released by SoftWarewolf in 2009 - (

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