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17th October, 2012 at 17/10/2012 18:41:24 -

Anyone else excited? It looks like they are going to give me everything I want this time. No more of this sim society nonsense.



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17th October, 2012 at 17/10/2012 20:55:26 -

Oh wow, it looks much better than Sim City 3! (I only ever used that to create neighbourhoods for The Sims 2 )

I was never any good at any of the Sim City games though, even after following a tutorial I remember my town was just continuously losing money. I must have done something wrong. :/ I might give this a try though.


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18th October, 2012 at 18/10/2012 16:57:05 -

My last experience with the Sim franchise was with SimCity 2000, long, long ago. This is a huge upgrade.

Both my wife and I watched the trailer, and after a bit of a shock the intimidation factor wore off and we were both very intrigued. I like how they've implemented water, garbage, and sewage removal; it seems like those things would be a serious chore to deal with, but they've streamlined it well and I have a feeling the game would be much less of a challenge without it.

Now, when the price goes down to like 50% of its release, then I'll be able to consider it.




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18th October, 2012 at 18/10/2012 17:56:14 -

I play SC Social a lot Went back to Simcity 3 for a while, but it felt too mechanical. So I'm still playing Simcity Social.

Would be looking forward to this though. I haven't looked at the trailers because I know the gameplay will disappoint a little.

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