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I am an April Fool
19th January, 2012 at 13:52:31 -

here have some old interviews of some old and cool people.

great quotes: "The Klik products are great because they help you experience those days a little bit, you still find new and exciting things you can do with it. And this is where I think Jamagic will thrive, it has far more scope. The people who use it will discover new tricks, how to push it beyond its design limits and how to make impressive effects in many unique ways. I'm certain this will happen"


quote: "Well, "amazing" and "quick understanding" is not exactly the words I would choose!!! More like painful! After the first 10 days of all-nighters I was still completely clueless. Then I found the Fusion Programmers Guild. I read every post on their forum before I asked any questions then I started downloading example files and tore them apart to see what made them tick."


also the Fusion Programmers Guild- does anyone remember that one? i sure do and i LOVED IT!
if anyone got any old tutorials please share

also what happened to vitalize? is it dead?

here is a list of cool old sites (all 404) I'm just wondering how many of you remember those sites. i certainly do.

in other news: its gay TDC doesnt host stuff / cant (i guess thats okay. would be too expneive) but our files will be lost in the future as well and it will all be just names we remember.


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