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29th April, 2011 at 00:00:51 -

Greetings. I'll try to make this brief. I have a small issue and I'm not sure which road to take.

There are three countries in my game, each with their own army. Two of the three would be considered 'bad guy' material. So I thought about the idea of people rising up in one of those nations to try to bring about change though force; a civil war.

That's all well and good. The problem is what these rebals would be wearing. Each nation has their own nation colors, as well as their own unique uniforms. I wonder if the rebals should have a the same unifrom as the goverment soldiers, but with different colors..? Or the other way, use the same nation colors, but with a different uniform?
And then of course the extreme 3rd idea, a totally new unifrom with different colors.

What would you do in my shoes?


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29th April, 2011 at 00:38:36 -

I would take off every zigg. That's what I would do.

In all seriousness, I think a good idea would be to do one of two things: either give the rebels the same armor as the actual military but old and/or beaten/damaged (like they found tossed-out uniforms or uniforms that got damaged and were replaced), or give them a slightly different set of armor, as though they found uniforms that used to be used by the nation until they got newer more effective armor. In the first case, the colors would be the same but slightly darker or lighter, depending on how they were damaged, while in the second case they would just be the same color.

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29th April, 2011 at 00:40:57 -

I would expect them to be wearing a random assortment of civilian clothing, and perhaps some kind of armband/bandana to identify them as rebels.

On a different note, I'd be very careful about adding things that you hadn't originally planned to include, as it's very easy to get sidetracked - you might be better off just finishing the game first, and adding extras later, if you still have the motivation.



29th April, 2011 at 01:26:59 -

So basicly give them 'used' unifroms? I think it's a good idea, I just would worry then if the player would be able to tell the differance between the older and current unifroms...
Using old '1st gen' unifroms is a good idea, though. Which was the idea I was leaning towards. It would require drawing a 'new' unifrom, but it might be one of the better ways to go about it.

I didn't even think about that. Normal clothes with an armband is a good idea as well. Hmm...

Don't worry, I might be asking about this now, but it doesn't mean I'm going to add them in this game. All of my games take place in the same world, so I could merely talk about the rebals in this game, but only start to add them in the 2nd (Hundred Days). Also, I could just have one rebal NPC shown, without having to draw up battle animations for him/her.

In the current game, the player has 30 game days to escape. Ideally I want to have the text change everyday. So that is a lot of writing that needs to be done, and every chance for new topics I should take.

In case anyone was wondering what I ended up doing;

I didn't make a rebel army after all. Three different armed forces are enough. I did however, use the ideas given here to update the Abayomin Army unifrom.

When I first set out to make 3 different army unifroms, I had a goal in mind. That is, even if you made the image black and white, you should still be able to tell which army is which. (In other words I avoided using a palette swap from the get go.) I met that goal, however the Abayomin 'unifrom' is basicly just a striped shirt and jeans.
(Although to be fair it was made of of the three traditional colors of the Abayomin tribe.)

The new unifrom unifrom is all new with an arm band, while keeping the headscarf (abit with different colors). The other two armies don't have/use ties or armbands, so that helps set it apart.

So while I am very happy with this new unifrom, I am not going to go back and update the Abayomin characters in my game that have the old unifrom. ... mainly because my wife would kill me if she had to go back and redraw and recolor 30 or so drawings. >_>

But thankfully there is a way to make it work. Speaking from my experience in the military, just because a new unifrom is released doesn't mean everyone magically has it on the same day. A simple explanation is that people on the frontlines will get the new unifroms last. They would be given out from the main base, then slowly outward.

So in my current game you will see both the old and new unifroms. In the next game, (Hundred Days), much time has passed and so nearly all Abayomin soldiers would be wearing the new unifrom by then.

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