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30th March, 2011 at 12:41:35 -

I must admit that when I first tried Office 2007, I had a nightmare. It's easier at first for new users to learn from scratch than for power users trying to find the 2007 equivalent of a certain feature.

HOWEVER, as I'm gradually getting used to it, I've spotted a very cool feature which you may or may not know about - keystrokes! It makes using the application MUCH faster if, like me, you type faster than you click.

Press the ALT key, and suddenly the Ribbon lights up telling you which keys to press to select the tab you want to use. Then, when you choose one, it shows all the keystrokes required for each command on the ribbon.

So if I'm typing a document and want to shift to size 14 font, I used to have to stop typing, grab the mouse and click the font size field to type the size I wanted. Now I just press ALT, H (Home tab), FS (Font Size), type 14, press Enter, and carry on typing!

Just thought, if you do a lot of work with Word and Excel like I do, then this will probably save you some time.
Hope it helps someone.

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I am an April Fool
30th March, 2011 at 15:08:56 -

I thought using shortcuts was common practice. I shortcut and hotkey whenever I can.


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