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17th January, 2011 at 16:08:38 -

Yeah, but you are wrong, as usual.




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17th January, 2011 at 18:19:15 -

Originally Posted by GamesterXIII
@ Horrendous

Dead Rising is garbage >_>. It shouldn't even be considered a game.

Have you played all the way through RE4 and RE5? I've beaten both various times and they are two out of few games that are actually good these days. I'm all for keeping old mechanics (ie: RE 1,2,3,Code Veronica, etc.), but theres nothing wrong with being innovative. RE4 and 5 took it and did it right. If anything you could say that RE5 was a bit of a step down from RE4 due to the mission system. Re4 was almost open-world so there was a good bit of exploration, while RE5 is pretty straightforward. Both are excellent titles, and the co-op on RE5 is top notch.

You have a point, although it is a matter of perspective. Dead rising was actually okay, but the fact that they restrict everything to time takes the games down several notches. People have enough bombardments from time in their daily lives, why are we subjecting our games to it? Time is so restrictive on the game, you can hardly enjoy any of the interesting features in it. Resident evil 5 just seems to be getting closer and closer to being a fps. Granted you also have a point about co-op being good, but all in all I felt like I was playing Ghost Recon rather than Resident Evil. I haven't managed to make it through Resident Evil 5 yet, although I did pick up a copy not too long ago. I did manage to make it through RE4. One thing I do enjoy about both is the weapons/shop system, not that it is perfect, but that it gives me ideas.

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17th January, 2011 at 22:27:28 -

Yeah everything is truly subjective. My opinion is strongly against Dead Rising though. It emphasizes variety when it comes to killing enemies, but that wears off super quick imo.

I don't think Ghost Recon is a good comparison to RE4/5 though as Recon is mainly a FPS and is also a "realistic" tactical game. I can see what you are saying though. RE4 is like a TPS, but, as far as I am aware, there is not another TPS that feels even remotely like it. Its a mixed bag.


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