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1st January, 2010 at 20:53:42 -

Originally Posted by Fish20
Should I get this or Modern Warfare 2? Everyone says MW2 is excellent but I can't buy a game just because of hype.

Get this.. seriously this is sooo much better than the average soldier/war kinda shooter like CoD, MW2 and stuff.

I tried MW2 and it's not THAT good.. I mean it's okay but I would prefer borderlands =D

EDIT: Also, if anyone wants the "And They'll Tell Two Friends" trophy, I got it = so join me in an online game and you get it.
Played in a co-op game with either an employee of Gearbox or someone who had this trophy

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2nd January, 2010 at 23:50:10 -

Originally Posted by CakeSpear
Yeah, i actually had to stop playing, seing that that there were DLC comming out, so that i would have a few character i hadnt allready maxed out to play with. I know i could just start a new character regardless, but whats the point in having two characters of a kind ya know.

Got any cool weapons? I cant remember them all, but i got a Sniper rifle that fires 6 shots

I just started the game again and beat it. Ending was gay. I literally stood still and meleed the last boss to death and didn't get hurt after the first few seconds. My melee does 5k dmg vs hundreds/lower thousands for crits with guns.

As for weapons, I use revolvers mainly and happened to get lucky and find a revolver that fires 6 or 7 early in the game. I used it about 60-70% of the game.

I also had one of those smgs that fires 4 at a time but it kinda sucked so I didn't use it.

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