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Don Luciano

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9th September, 2009 at 09:59:57 -

Originally Posted by Adam Phant

Originally Posted by Don Luciano
Or even better is to use x,y for position, and z for type of house built.

Actually, using a Z-value for type built is wasteful. Numeric values 0-inf is better than using Z if there is only one type of data to be held at any given X, Y.

Well thats what i meant. I didnt meant to use more than one z for diferent houses. That would be wastefull. But defaultly it does use one z for any data at x,y.

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11th September, 2009 at 23:51:14 -

could just use one frame and have each scene next to each other, have it when you 'switch' to another area it just moves the screen across.

say you have 5 areas as you said, and the window size is 500 by 500, you have a frame thats 2500x500.
scene 1 = set screen x scroll to 0
scene 2 = set screen x scroll to 500
scene 3 = set screen x scroll to 1000
scene 4 = set screen x scroll to 1500
scene 5 = set screen x scroll to 2000

that way you dont need to worry about bonus items, global objects, and you can have the other scenes easily advance in time when you dont have them in focus (Which i assume you would want, why would they not be evaluated if you aren't looking at them)


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