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Dr. James MD



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11th July, 2009 at 20:23:55 -

Ah I see what you mean. But I think that's just down to the fans, Halo and Guitar Hero themselves aren't exactly controversial subjects. My First FPS and a rhythm game aren't exactly GTA or Saint's Row.

But yea I need to play this properly. Might give it a try on the Xbox now so I can sit back in 46" 1080p than playing on my 13" Macbook . And haven't they released Elder Scrolls 2 as freeware?

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Rob Westbrook


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11th July, 2009 at 20:45:10 -

Originally Posted by Dr. James
My girlfriend is massively into it though. She has the collectors edition one with a bobblehead Pipboy .

I have that edition, the bobblehead is pretty neat. The art book is ace too but I haven't got round to watching the making of DVD that came with it...

I love the game. I got engrossed in it far more readily than Oblivion, although I suppose that's because I'm more of a futuristic nut than a fantasy fan. It kept the humour and general feel of the originals to the best of its ability, which is a rare thing. Also the karma system seemed far more fluid than the usual "do this really good thing or this really bad thing" (InFamous, I'm looking at you).

Not to say it didn't have flaws. Anyone who takes a look at the Fallout 3 wiki can see it's got potentially game killing bugs up to the armpits, although thankfully I never encountered any of those. The VATS system became less of an option and more of a necessity since any weapon did far, far less damage with pitiful accuracy outside of it.

I'm looking forward to the new DLC packs though. Particularly the one that sees you get abducted by the alien mothership .

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11th July, 2009 at 20:46:07 -

Have they? I'd love to play that, just to see the scale of it for myself. The gameworld was supposed to be the same size as 2 Great Britains put together... holy sh*t!!


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Rob Rule

Rusten Crating

11th July, 2009 at 20:49:38 -

The different opinions come from Halo, Guitar Hero and F3 being big games; one ith lots of attention, big media drive, lots of players. The bigger the audience, the more varying the opinion. I'm not convinced they are innately controversial games, like Manhunt and GTA.

Originally Posted by Muz

Originally Posted by Dr. Ricky (An Optometrist)

I don't know about the game not having depth. I saw a ghoul try to get into Tenpenny tower and immediately decided to help that ghoul take over the tower. After I found out what jerks the people were in the tower, i teamed up with the ghouls and killed every single one of them. And that was all my own choice, no arbitrary restrictions.

Ohhhh.. if you call that depth, you haven't played the other Fallout games. Or KOTOR. Or Baldur's Gate. Or pretty much a lot of other true RPGs. And late in the game, you get what I mean by it having no depth.. the side quests are the best part of the game, there's not much else to it. The good/evil thing is rather shallow. Do the right thing and save the town from destruction or do the evil thing and blow up the nuke? And a bunch of other things I don't want to spoil, but you might as well have an good/evil switch.

That's one mission of many, and there are many moral dilemmas in the game, as anyone who's reached Oasis, danced with vampires or played The Pitt will tell you. Most of the side stories aren't black and white at all, and the outcomes are frequently uncertain so you're not quite sure what action to perform. I'd say Fallout has an amazing amount of depth. It's not just in the game's 'features' (of which there are many) but the exploration and discovery, and the fear of staying alive in those early character levels. I remember coming across a half-bombed house and, after going through the drawers for scraps, entering a bedroom with two skeletons entwined on the bed, one of them with a gun in their lap. In another place, I found one in a corner, shielding its eyes, drink bottles scattered about the floor. I dunno, they've given us a world of destitution, cannabilism, roaming fiends and robotic servants, irradiated mutant outcasts, a 'common man' radio station, shells of white picket fence suburbs and household junk with which to fashion new weapons, and a levelling system that means you need never have the same character skills (and therefore game experience) again. I've played the previous Fallout's and the content of F3 is just as compelling and varied as they are, if not more. And just setting off to the horizon with nothing more than a teddy bear and a sledgehammer never gets old.

But then like the word 'gameplay', I find the word depth pretty inadequate anyway, so maybe I'm not getting it.

It'll all blow over.

Rob Westbrook


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11th July, 2009 at 20:55:05 -

Originally Posted by Rob Rule
That's one mission of ... maybe I'm not getting it.

Amen. What really, really did it for me was reaching level 20, getting the Explorer perk and feeling compelled to visit every single place on the map, just to find what could be found. The Dunwich Tower being a prime example. Nothing to do with the plot or any side-missions, but just a brilliant little foray into someone else's experiences.

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11th July, 2009 at 22:30:10 -

I grew pretty tired of exploring. Move to location, find out what it has to offer, leave, repeat - no real drive to go anywhere or do anything, especially since I wasn't a fan of how they did the combat. I had a lot more fun with Far Cry 2, certain situations really put the pressure on you, and could be deciding factors of where you go and what you explore, and all the options you have when put in an intense situation - I didn't get that sense of true danger and flexibility in Fallout 3. Restriction is just as important a tool as Freedom in game design.

In fact, Spelunky is much better, maybe the best game I've ever played.



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12th July, 2009 at 00:43:19 -

I very nearly finished the main quest. I think... But Ive actually gotten bored with it.


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