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7th February, 2009 at 12:11:09 -

Hey guys!

A few years ago I had an extention created by AmnesiaSoft called the EZ Orbit Object and I basically used it to create "swinging mines" in my original Mr Stump's Dentures game back in 2004.

However, I no longer have this extention but wish to update the MSD source (ie, make it a bit easier so more people can finish the game!) so that it can appear at Acoders, and I've searched high and low on the internet but cannot seem to find it. The link at the Extentions website ( has expired so I can't download it from there. Does anyone still have it at all, and if so would it be possible for them to send it to me?

The file itself is called "orbit.cox"

Thanks if you can help!

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7th February, 2009 at 22:53:33 -

I used this for one of the bosses in Sam, which means it must be on a backup somewhere. I'll keep my eyes peeled but I can't promise anything!

Actually I'd love to find that disc.

edit: gah, sorry, it's not on the backup

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