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27th January, 2009 at 08:16:36 -

hi guys, i have a little question regarding performance when adding graphics to my mmf2 project.

using a PNG sequence, with the alpha channel and stuff, takes more memory and file space than using a bmp sequence, that does not have the added alpha information for every frame, as it only mask the slected color?


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27th January, 2009 at 21:11:01 -

Since it's going straight into the game, you would only need to import PNGs over BMPs if you're using alpha channels. Otherwise, use whatever you want. The gripes about using bitmaps is usually over uploading them for viewing on the internet, because of their larger file size compared to the same image as a PNG. And something about going blind when you look at them, which I never understood...

Wait, that whole second paragraph is a run-on sentence/question. Um... The only way it would take more memory for PNGs than BMPs is if they use alpha channels. I think I heard that MMF2 renders as bitmaps, then uses software to change the transparencies of each pixel, which is probably why using too many alpha channels is very labor-intensive for the runtime.

Maybe BMP rendering is just for backdrops... I don't know...

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28th January, 2009 at 08:52:57 -

Each frame in an animation in an MMF2 object can use a normal transparent color or alpha channels. When importing as PNG I -think- MMF2 sets it to alpha channel, and not when importing as BMP. So if you don't want alpha channels when importing as PNG, you can always remove them.



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28th January, 2009 at 09:01:13 -

Lots of objects with alphas do cause memory usage to be around double what they would normally be. Large objects with alphas really kill performance on older machines. If you have like a hud object that takes up the whole screen (800x600) you would get better performance if you cut it up into pieces to minimize the space of alphas. If you can have some thin objects with alphas for the edges, and then objects without alphas for the rest of the hud, you'll be able to get better frames per second.

HWA gives us way more freedom with using objects with alphas liberally, so as soon as the next build is ready I'd recommend using that as any computer newer than sevens years should be able to have several k objects with alphas moving, scaling, and rotation all without any slowdown!

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