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12th June, 2008 at 14:27:02 -

Being a fan of the Dark Crystal, I came across a post that made me lol last night. Some guy worked out the population of gelflings over 500 years

"How many descendants could Jen and Kira have in say, 500 years?

I did the math, and based upon Henson's notes about their fertility rates and length of generations, I came up with an interesting number. Henson's notes say that Gelflings don't start to reproduce until they are about 40; and it says that they frequently have 10-15 children per family, but the Queen can have up to 20. If we assume that Kira had 20 children (since she's the Queen), and if a new generation begins every 40 years (which would mean 12 generations in 500 years), and we give a conservative figure of 10 children per family per generation, we divide the number of each generation by 2 and multiply by 10, which would give us a 12th generation gelfling population of 976,562,500 - almost a billion Gelflings!

Cool, huh?

Of course, this doesn't take into account death rates, but given the fact that Gelflings can live for several hundred years, none of them would die of old age, which leaves only disease and accidents - which is probably pretty low."


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