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Creative Genius


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30th March, 2008 at 18:21:15 -

wtf? respecting other users?? I am disrespecting others by posting??? If people think I have disrespected them just by posting, then, in my opinion, they are a tad too sensitive. No disrespect meant there; just expressing my view.

Throughout my time here, i have never said anything that can be seen as disrespectful to other members. while it is true that i dont post as often as many others do, but i still always leave encouraging comments. i certainly meant no bloody disrespect to anyone.

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Johnny Look

One Happy Dude


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31st March, 2008 at 17:50:50 -

take it easy dude by saying your not respecting the other users when you bump your thread I didn't say it's like insulting someone, it just isn't a very ethical thing to do.


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