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23rd February, 2008 at 00:04:33 -

You can make rpgs in klik, its not that hard. whats hard is having the time to continue and make a complete game. Ive made shitloads of rpg engines, done most of the graphics but then putting it all together is whats hard. And MMF used to always crash so you needed bulk copies of the file.

Infact im working on an rpg atm.




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24th February, 2008 at 20:37:50 -

Oh, RPG engines are half the problem. It's just that MMF is unsuitable to storing a lot of variables, compared to almost every other "real" programming language. I created a 'town generator' thing in half a day with C++, took me a whole day to do half that generator with MMF.

It should be OK if you're just using basic stuff like HP, Mana, Attack, Defense for all the characters. Most of my RPGs collapse on itself after 40 or so variables, thanks to stuff like this: That example hit the 100 variable bar (I think it was more of 160), but thankfully it's just the world generator. If MMF allowed us to type the code in, it would save so much trouble

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25th February, 2008 at 09:33:43 -

The only RPGs that I've ever made that were semi-successful were all made in VB6. I had been working on Equin Legacy awhile ago and that was in MMF1.5 but never finished it (not even close). It's too bad really, I used to be so good at tons of data and invnentories and crap. I found it hard to get MMF to do the same things I could do (realitively) easily with VB6.

The best I could muster would be the RPG-action hybrid, which is just fine as I do like that genre from professional games in general.


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