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28th November, 2007 at 15:03:10 -

Dave - Personally I'd recommend upgrading to MMF2 from MMF1.5. Sorry if anyone from Clickteam ever reads this, but the interface and general layout in MMF1.5 was not very good and put me off working in it for a while - in particular the animation/picture editor. MMF2's interface has been reorganised and it just nicer to use. Consider how much time you spend working with MMF; an improvement to the interface makes a huge difference. Not to mention the fact that you'll be able to use all new extensions, including hardware acceleration. I'm no Clickteam salesman, but I personally think it's worth upgrading. At a guess you'll probably get a 10-15 percent discount for owning MMF1.5 already.



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28th November, 2007 at 15:14:27 -

List of some of the major new features in MMF2:

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29th November, 2007 at 11:49:03 -

Originally Posted by Dave S.
I have a registered version on Multimedia Fusion 1.5... can I upgrade to version 2.0 or do I have to pay for it? I've also noticed that there is a newer version of The Games Factory. I have the original of this also and thought MMF superseded it...

Just to make sure you know. MMF1.5 and MMF2 are different programs. You can't upgrade MMF1.5 any higher.


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