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7th November, 2007 at 10:45:03 -

Whenever I do this the object lags behind the position it's meant to be at when the objects is moving


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7th November, 2007 at 10:48:45 -

To avoid the lag you must use a custom movement engine. And put these events after the movement ones.


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7th November, 2007 at 11:22:44 -

^^ You may also have instances where the weapon will disappear / appear a millisecond before it's supposed to regardless. ^^

I made Captain of the Guard have a separate active for the weapon attach to the player's action point and it happened all the time. Although it would be a lot more time consuming, I'd suggest making the weapon part of the animation frame itself (with the guy). I did this with Hasslevania. Then what you do, is set the action point to the point of the sword (or whatever) and always set a small invisible active picture to your guy's action point. Then, when it comes to damaging your enemy, just check to see if your guy's attack animation is playing AND your invisble weapon box is overlapping the enemy. If it is, BAM! Damage time!

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9th November, 2007 at 17:33:36 -

yes, i did have the damage box thing in mind but if it all goes according to plan, i wont really need it. hopefully, ill release a demo of the game soon once the main features are implemented. also, would the 3e object work better? the parent child object?

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