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28th April, 2006 at 12:09:15 -

Yuh, it's me (Dines), new account, heh. (last one died on meh)

I wanna work on a webcomic, but I need help and ideas so I can get it off the ground. So please, gimme ideas for characters, suggestions on the plot, etc. I hope it's not too much to read:

The Curse of Davie Jones

Captain David Jones once famously went in search of an enormous stash of treasure, apparently the entire loot of a long-dead pirate named Captain Marnez. Jones lost everyone but himself to countless traps, but eventually discovered the legendary Treasure. He immediately left to fetch a bigger boat and more men so as to retrieve the enormous booty.

Unfortunately, he fell into bad company on the way back, and underwent a terrible curse at the hands of a cannibal tribe.

It turned him from a strapping sea captain... into a paralised bunny rabbit.

They left the helpless captain on Stoog Island, standing frozen on a stone, upon which are etched the last words he could write before his sentence was carried out. A plea for help, offering the Marnez Treasure in return for lifting the curse.

The bunny (Jones) is prone to sudden twitches and sounds, generally a -Hic!- sound. These are meaningless. It's assumed that Jones himself is unconscious, locked away in the bunny's frazzled mind, and unable to communicate through it in any way. The bunny really looks demented, with one eye bigger than the other, a body that always pings back into the same rigid pose, and this vacant stare.

A certain Captain Hurm McCullock, one of the scottish Wee Bears clan (a clan of 2-foot-tall bears, surprisingly) and his odd crew stumble upon the derranged bunny. Ever eager for opportunities to plunder, they take up the task of breaking Jones' curse and claiming the Treasure of Marnez.

Of course, they run into various problems on the way, like the minor detail of having to return to the cannabals that made the curse in order to find the cure. And then perform the cure once they know of it (which needless to say involves long journeys and perils).

Their main enemy is the obese and corrupt Governor Glundgeon Gutt, who apparently has been promised Lee Moffet (McCullock's beautiful first mate) in marriage by her unscrupulous pirate father. Naturally, Gutt is even more interested upon hearing of the bunny and Marnez' gold, and plans to steal the bunny and lift the curse himself.

Oh yeah, the bunny wears this cool ickle pirate hat! I have a pic, but no scanner

The Crew - McCullock's Ship, The Sea-Fret
Captain McCullock - already explained. Likes treasure, and is seriously unbalanced. His response to almost everything is violence in good measure. He's like a little terrier, he'll attack almost anything.

Lee Moffet - The only girl in the crew. She ran away from her father when she suspected he had promised her hand to Governor Gutt. She's cool-headed, and far too sane to be in this band of idiots.

Davie Jones - The bunny. -Hic!-

Mr. (Aurthur) Pegg - The ship's navigator, Pegg has famously never washed in his life. He also claims to be the reincarnation of a whole string of people who also never washed, thereby making himself the grossest person in the cosmos. Admittedly, it's hard to believe a smell like that could have accumulated over just one human lifetime.

(need more! Need a guy who's strong, and possibly another character to add quirk)

The Crew - Gutt's fleet, The Dark Order, headed by his flagship, The Seven Hells

Governor Glundgeon Gutt - Already explained. Gutt is a monster of sweaty greasy hair and flesh. His body experiences more seismic activity in a day than the Califonian Faultline. His objectives are: find, capture and make Lee his bride; obtain the bunny at all costs and set about lifting the curse himself; finally get his greasy sausage-fingers on the Marnez Gold. Gutt set up a pirate colony on the island where he serves as Governor, and names it the Dark Order.

Captain Strom - Gutt's right-hand-man and captain of The Seven Hells. His shoulders bear strange luminous blue tattoos that glow incessantly. They're the source of his incredible strength. He's an athletically built 7-feet tall giant with sunken eyes - it's rumoured that his eyes fell into a parallel world and give him a kind of ghostly vision of this realm and the next. Strom secretly pines for Lee himself, but would never dream of betraying Gutt. McCullock and Strom go back a long way, and have been adversaries since long before Strom took the helm of The Seven Hells.

Captain Moffet - Lee's treacherous dad, and a pirate of the Dark Order. He promised his daughter to Gutt for some reason.

(need more characters!)

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28th April, 2006 at 23:41:04 -

Not about your post, but about the account - You can ask Clubby to fix it for you (or did you forget the pass? ), OR we can even migrate your old submissions to your new account.

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29th April, 2006 at 14:27:28 -

Lol. Lost the password and the email address, lol. They now = random gibberish

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29th April, 2006 at 16:21:52 -

I just migrated all your old account stuff over to this new one Mr Dines.

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