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2nd January, 2006 at 14:43:33 -

I'm working on a small app to do some little things that Notepad doesn't do (mainly for my own benefit; I work a lot with ascii files, and it irritates me that I can't find a free editor that quite does what I want).

Anyway, I was just wondering, what kind of features would you like added, seeing as I'm working on one?

So far its features are pretty basic:

Normal Indent
This auto-indents like most html editors.

Vertical Indent
Counts the number of characters on the current line and indents by that many characters on the next line. The result is that the cursor moves straight down. This is one of the main reasons I built this app, lol.

Fixed-Width-Font Checker
Makes sure the selected font is fixed-width, and warns if it isn't.

What kind of features would you like in it?

IMPORTANT NOTE: It's not gonna do syntax colouring, just get an html editor for that.

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