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14th October, 2005 at 18:53:32 -

I felt this was too small to post on the downloads list, it's just an engine test for a game.

I'm trying to develop more intuitive control systems, and would appreciate your opinions on this one.

EDIT: File size is a 763k standalone exe, not an installer. All DLLs are built in. I prefer them like this, it means I can test it on my non-mmf friends.

CONTROLS (see readme for more details)
Mouse up/down = Move in that direction.
Mouse left/right = Move in that direction.
Space = set mouse neutral position and start game.
Esc = menu (to quit, alt+f4 is disabled)

It's the basic engine for a sidescrolling arcade style space shooter, although shooting and enemies aren't included yet (thereby rendering the download completely pointless).

The basic movement system is mouse-based. Mouse goes up, ship goes up. Mouse goes down, ship goes down. Mouse dragged sideways, ship accelerates. Simple really.

The game records the position of the mouse at the start as the neutral position (this occurs when you press space, giving you time to set up nicely before the game begins). From then on your thrust is measured in x and y pixels from the neutral position, and then expressed as a percentage to make it more versatile.

This is NOT the same as games that either (a) have the player object tied to the YMouse value, or (b) have an invisible object tied to the YMouse value and have the player gently follow it.

This system just makes things more relative. The game features a small X and Y display at the bottom left to show how much thrust you've applied in each direction.

Playing it probably makes more sense than me explaining, lol.

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14th October, 2005 at 19:21:07 -

I like it, good idea and the graphics are really good too

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14th October, 2005 at 20:56:46 -

Hey thats pretty good. The mouse control was a lot easier than it sounded.



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16th October, 2005 at 00:16:56 -

That IS really good! However, you might want to make sure the game has focus throughout the game, 'cause someone could accidently press a certain windows key and have to spend effort pushing ALT+TAB.

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