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15th August, 2005 at 05:31:05 -

Hmm... good idea. Never thought of that. It seems that there's no other example with that idea either. I'm not sure if you've tried it though. Seems that MMF always finds a way to screw up these things.

Yeah, I intend to use the MSO2. Solves 2 problems in one. If there's anything I've learned from making klik stuff on a Pentium 1, it's that you should avoid the Always condition as much as possible, what more an object that loops the Always event . But then again, comps these days are 20 times more powerful than they used to be back then.

I've got a short attention span. EVERYTHING bores me .

So, as usual, I tend to do the boring thing that is most benificial to mankind. Hmm... maybe I should do the physics thing. All the stuff on this list are interesting, fun, completable projects that I could show off later on. But as usual, once you hit the first bug, it's not quite so fun anymore.

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16th August, 2005 at 07:45:23 -

I've tried the ID thing, that bit works fine enough. It definitely spreads between them. I've found out (again, this was probably obvious but it was new to me) that spread value works within all objects that match the event conditions. So you can test an objects coordinates (eg: to see if they're within a certain region) and spread value will number only those objects.

Could be used to apply the physics stuff only to the objects currently on-screen, perhaps?

So like Value A is their Object ID (always the same) and Value B is their Looping ID. MMF then runs through the B value when looping, whilst using the A value for reference purposes (like linking objects with detectors, or tying a bullet back to its original shooter).

Dunno if that'd help you, but I plan to use it more!

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