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Cosmic Gems
Author: Steve Wardale Submitted: 5th July, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 219

space invadors-meets-tetris style gameplay and pixelly graphics in under two megs!

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Posted by ACE_Spark 5th July, 2002

erm, the download cut's out mate. :o
Posted by Steve Wardale 5th July, 2002

Really? Damn... I'm gonna have to fix that... at what pecentage does it stop?
Posted by ACE_Spark 5th July, 2002

it stops at 190kb to be exact.
Posted by Duncan 5th July, 2002

Erm, what font is it using? comes up as wierd little symbols for me XD
Posted by Spike! 5th July, 2002

im on DSL and i just downloaded it at 60kb/sec no problem..
Posted by Simdrone052 5th July, 2002

I love the sound FX, this game is SO fun...
Posted by Steve Wardale 5th July, 2002

Thanks Jay and all who downlaoded it! I forgot to include the font *hits head very hard*. Shall upload it to the games page (sigh).
Posted by Jesse (riko[fa]) 5th July, 2002

Haha, this isn't a bad game. I dig the simple arcade gameplay but it's maybe a little too easy since you can take out so many enemies so quickly. There was a bug with level-advancing, too. I killed all the enemies on a few different levels and nothing happened so I had to exit. Just so you know. ^^
Posted by Steve Wardale 5th July, 2002

Level bug you say? Darn, I thought I'd cleaned them all out :). Awfully sorry about that, I'll try me very best to get it working perfectly next time!
Posted by robby 29th August, 2002

just wonderding, how do u make a control selecton screen in knp where you use the arrow keys to go up n down. and i want to make a side-scrolling game but i made 2000 X 480 pixels and it starts in the middle.






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