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Area 51 Weeb Defense 2.22
Author: Ghost Data Media Submitted: 20th October, 2020 Favourites:0
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Edited By Ghost Data Media on 20/10/2020

In the year 2019, a large group of obsessed individuals had become fed up with the secrets of Area 51 and what it contained. They amassed a large following announcing a plan to raid the facility at all cost.

They failed in 2019 but now it's the year 2020 a year full of so much pandemonium that anything could happen. They plan to return and this time no one knows what to expect.

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Posted by MasterM 22nd December, 2020

the name Area 51 Weeb Defense 2.22 really made me laugh. sure its a bit too late for that raid thing, wasn't that already last year but that name is hilarious. Is Ghost Data Media NastyMan?
Posted by Ghost Data Media 31st December, 2020

I'm glad you had a laugh playing! This is actually a sequel to the game Area 51 Weeb Defense which was released the day of the raid last year (in 2019).

I made a sequel basically because I had a lot more ideas I wanted to add and didn't want to mess up the balance that the first game already had. So this was released exactly one year after the raid to coincide with its anniversary. So it's not late, just a love letter to the event and anime fans alike!

In time I think the characters and the plot of the game can stand on its own without being tied to the raid exclusively.

Also I'm not "NastyMan" Sorry to disappoint you on that front. Don't let that discourage you from following our future games and endeavors!





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