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Kriegshund: No Man's Land
Author: Otter Submitted: 28th May, 2018 Favourites:2
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 143

'Kriegshund: No Man's Land' includes the prologue chapter of the Kriegshund story.
In alternate timeline of the world, World War 1 has engulfed Europe. In the German camp, among the tactical strategists and generals is a powerful living weapon: The Kriegshunds.
Take control of Kriegshund Project 008, better known as Alaric, on a deadly mission through the trenches of Belgium.

Kriegshund is a story driven overhead shooter with RPG elements. It is set in a version of our world where mankind lives among other hominids known as Faer Folk. This beta features the prologue level of the game set in 1915 during the Battle of Mons.

Music Credits:
Apocalypse- Ross Bug Buden
No Winners- Ross Bugden
Under Seige-Darren Curtis
Lullaby- Bellabeth

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Posted by MonadoBoy64 4th June, 2018

Wow, this was really good. I'm looking forward to the full release! And I can't wait to see happens next in the story.
Posted by Otter 5th June, 2018

Thank you! I will be putting a project page up after this the download is approved. I havenít been active in the indie game community for several years and Iím still trying to get back into the hang of things around here.
Posted by LordHannu 15th June, 2018

What happened next?
I like this game.
The music was wonderfull really puts you into the mood.
Posted by Otter 16th June, 2018

Thanks! After this scene the game skips forward to 1920 where the main character is recruited to stop a territory conflict in Scandinavia.
Does anyone have any in depth feedback of what they like/didnít like about the game? Just curious what improvements people would like to see in the final game.





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