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Project Pinball
Author: MonadoBoy64 Submitted: 25th March, 2018 Favourites:0
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 36

Edited By MonadoBoy64 on 27/01/2019

Project Pinball is a pinball action game.

This game has been canceled because I feel that the gameplay is boring. So this game is really buggy and unfinished so don't expect a finished and polished game.

This game contains all I did on the project which is only 5 levels out of an originally planned 100.

The only reason why am upload the game is that to see if there's any interest in the game. And if there's interest, I might continue work on it in the future. But that will be decided by you guys.

So I hope you enjoy it and PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ANY REVIEWS IN THE COMMENT SECTION! I want the reviews to be actual reviews to reflect how good the game is and to get feedback on the game. Am not trying to rude but am curious. I see that besides me and The MPP no one posts any reviews! Is it because it's an unspoken rule or everyone is being respectful to the creators or everyone is lazy (no offense) or unwilling to write a review. I don't know, sorry am just curious.

But anyway I hope you enjoy it and if you interested in the game being resurrected. Sent me a message or comment saying so. Am rambling on too long, enjoy and have an awesome day!


Z: Left Paddle

X: Right Paddle

Space Bar: Pause

Mouse: Click Buttons

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