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Genre: Platformer Downloads: 479

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Genre: adventure platformer
Description: The main character, a skeleton without a name, have been imprisoned inside of the haunted dungeons. Help him to find a way out! But you have to be careful, because the dungeons are full of scary creatures and frightening ghosts.
The game created in ten days Crazy Compo #2. First version has been released 16th June.

Engine: creesee
Graphics: BulletHead
- "dungeons_2" by Axel Melzener
- "farseeker" by cRim of Lemonride
- "Last Day on Caladan" by Aragorn
- "FFVIII Breezy" by Kilu
Software: Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer

Due to some kind of error, I'm not able to put this link as an URL, so you can download the game here:

Hope you enjoy! ; D

Review This Download (3,20mb )

Posted by Sketchy 27th June, 2013

I love the gameboy-style graphics, the smooth camera movement and all the other neat little touches - and the platform movement seems solid enough, too.

I don't like the way you've done fullscreen - it would look much better if the graphics were scaled without anti-aliasing, and also the top and bottom of the screen (including the text messages and health bar) are hidden when playing at 1024x600, which is a very common netbook resolution.

Also, spacebar and ctrl are way too far apart on the keyboard to be used together. You need to offer custom controls, or at least a choice of several control schemes (on a QWERTY keyboard, Z and X are ideal).

Finally, I really don't like that you can't swing the hammer if you're anywhere near the edge of a platform - it just feels very artificial.

I'm not really a fan of platformers, but this definitely has potential once you add a lot more content.
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 1st July, 2013
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I would like to try your game, but I don't know how to download it. When the link takes me to the download screen, I can't find the button to download the game. I find a button to download it using the Tiny TM manager. But, when I click that button, I just get a small useless file. I really don't know what I should do.
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 1st July, 2013
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O.K., now I am able to do it. The trick is NOT to use Fire Fox! Next, use Internet Explorer, but turn off Smart Scan. Downloading now.....
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 1st July, 2013
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I played it, I really like it. I would agree with Sketchy about the good points. The screen shakes as your hammer lands is also a nice touch.
Posted by Hugo B. 1st July, 2013
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Great game, i like the style and atmosphere! I agree that the controls suck a bit, but the worst thing is
<br />
i finished it way too soon, so that's a compliment! Image
Comment edited by Hugo B. on 7/1/2013
Posted by Toadsanime 5th July, 2013

Great looking game, but unless I'm ignorantly missing an easier alternative this is the least convenient way I've ever come across trying to download a game.

Could it not be hosted on something normal like Box? I'm not downloading a separate program to download the game.
Posted by creesee 6th July, 2013

I cannot update the original download link, so I'll just put it here:

The only problem is I am going to work in NL, so I won't have much time to create the game. Additionaly, I really might need BulletHead's help, because he is a guy without Skullhammer would never exist and in this situation a cooperation would be much harder. However I really appreciate your opinion and I will willingly use it to develop the project. I'd really like to share with you a Skullhammer concept art as well!
Posted by Mattamue 10th July, 2013
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The big hammer is taunting me! Could I have a hint for how to get it?
Posted by creesee 10th July, 2013

I am really sorry, but Skullhammer is a very short game and not every place is available to reach and also not every thing is available to take. There is a little more nods, e.g. to The Legend of Zelda in room, where you can pick up your hammer first time. That big hammer is Thor's in fact.
Posted by Billybobjoe198 2nd September, 2013

Download link is broken.

Posted by creesee 22nd September, 2013

Posted by creesee 12th March, 2015

Just wanted to say that now you can follow the progress of the next Skullhammer's adventure on Facebook!
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