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The Dead Miles Version 1.1
Author: Chris Donovan Submitted: 27th April, 2013 Favourites:0
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This is the new version of The Dead Miles which takes place during the zombie apocalypse. The major difference between this version and the last version is the addition of a randomized travel map that you have to actively explore.

The Dead Miles requires decision making about when and where you search, eat, sleep and travel. When you make a poor decision, or you have a run of bad luck, zombies attack, and you switch to a top down combat game until you can get away from the horde. Combat takes place in cities, suburbs, forests, corn fields, beaches and fields. Each have their own survival strategies.

The Dead Miles has a few things in it that may interest amateur game designers:

-Zombies only appear in your forward viewing arc.

-Calories used per activity are very accurate. The more you weigh, the more you carry, and the farther you go, you use more energy. You even use some calories while you sleep. The game even tracks your body fat percentage.

-The character animations were all done in Second Life. I created the avatars, modified existing animations and then screen capped them. It took forever.

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