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Zelda Platformer - New Special Demo
Author: Pipeweed Submitted: 21st January, 2013 Favourites:0
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Hello there! Some of you might remember this old project, im now 27 years old, working for fujitsu, i started this when i was around 16 years old or so, so nice to have it updated for old time's sake

This game includes just one short area that can be wrapped from sides. Once i get every event working in this one area it will be very easy to make many large out world areas and dungeons aswell.

Enter for menu. Esc to quit. Action games TAB Q W E + SPACE + ARROWS

Rest of the keys should be obvious, even some of you might find it something to get used to. I might be even releasing this as open source if it gets enough attention and people are willing to help me through this project.

UPDATED - BUG FIXES - added a block (in beginning) for testing certain elements.

EVEN MORE UPDATES - NOW WITH SIMPLE WATER ENGINE Still working on it, im trying to update the engine as often as i can.

Updated again! Now with Sort of a hook shot engine, will be much nicer later do not worry folks

UPDATED THE WEB APPLICATION! Now sword and other stuff

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Posted by Codemonster 25th January, 2013

A fan game with original graphics? Playing.
Posted by Pipeweed 26th January, 2013

Just one test level, just to make sure
Posted by Codemonster 26th January, 2013

I'll tell you what -- yes, yes and more yes.

This is strange to say... but the game feels RIGHT! You are fantastically talented and I cant wait to play more.

That being said, of course there are kinks to work out, but for the most part this is a gem.
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 27th January, 2013

I would like to download your game. But the link doesn't work.
Posted by Pipeweed 27th January, 2013

Hmm weird, it seems to work on some computers at least, at my work, at friend's etc.. Is there an error message?
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 28th January, 2013

I get a "connection is timed out" message.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 28th January, 2013

Not getting that error on this end.
Posted by Knudde (Shab) 28th January, 2013

I also cannot get out of the water.
Posted by Pipeweed 29th January, 2013

Try the hook shot

Now started complete rework with construct 2 game maker - will be kinda large project to transform but will be worth it -

Demo theme by Afilion -
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Comment edited by Pipeweed on 1/29/2013
Posted by UrbanMonk 3rd February, 2013

Add some on-screen buttons and I'd be able to play on my iPad.

Looks really good so far!
I think you should stick with mmf though. It can export to flash and IOS natively. Construct mearly wraps your javescript into an app that is basicly a web browser. Performance is terrible from my experience.
Posted by The_Antisony 4th March, 2013
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I'd consider releasing this for free, then remaking it with your own character, enemy, and environment graphics, remix the levels, and sell that mess.





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