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Gemini Archangel - An Angel Is Born DEMO
Author: Hermes Submitted: 24th December, 2012 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 32

Edited By Hermes on 12/31/2012

From: Luke Noel III (a.k.a. "Doomburger" or "Hermes")

All's well in the lovely suburban town of Perkasie. People working, traffic bustling, kids playing on the playgrounds. One day, our hero, Luke, wakes up to find everyone missing. The streets become quiet, the playgrounds vacant, and the only other people remaining are some of his close friends. What happened to the rest of the town? Why has everyone suddenly disappeared?

You control Luke as he finds his way through rainy forests, fields of fire, fragile ice and more in this adventure/strategy game. Battle enemies strong and weak alike to solve the mystery of what happened to Perkasie!

-A Pseudo-3D environment
-Walk, Run, Jump, Swim, and Climb
-A myriad of magickal spells to accrue
-Multiple ways to solve certain puzzles

This is a work in progess! There is a chance that you may encounter a bug during gameplay!

Future Developments
-More areas to explore and find clues in
-Fully voiced characters
-Live recorded music
-Fully choreographed battle actions

Thanks to:
Joe Peppelman
Dee Weber

BUG NOTE: If you try to go up to the area "Patio" from the area "Car", you will get stuck in one of the demo barriers! Thanks to Knudde for finding this!

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Posted by Knudde (Shab) 30th December, 2012

From the few minutes I played, the game is very well put together; it's a shame that the graphics are mismatched, and the control scheme is a little offputting (arrow keys please).

I managed to get stuck on the patio between the tupperware and the junk. I will give it more of a shot when I get some free time.
Posted by Hermes 30th December, 2012

I think I found what you're talking about, Knudde. I overlooked one of the area transitions: when going up to the patio from the car, the player gets stuck on one of the demo barriers.

As for the graphics, yes they're not quite matched, but I'll be having them redone by a friend of mine who's much better at detail than I.

The controls are a touchy subject, because everyone has their own preference, but I'm looking into customizable controls.

Thank you for the bug-find and feedback!





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