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Conway's Game of Life
Author: Duckimation Submitted: 22nd November, 2012 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 41

Edited By Duckimation on 12/6/2012

This is John Conway's classic cellular automaton, a 2d gridworld that follows three basic rules:
1)Any empty cell that is touching exactly three occupied cells will become occupied in the next iteration
2)Any occupied cell touching less than 2 occupied cells will become emptied in the next iteration
3)Any occupied cell touching more than 3 occupied cells will be emptied in the next iteration

This allows for countless patterns and endless fun! Create gliders, guns, and more!

Left click: occupy a cell
Right click: empty a cell
Space: Run
Shift: Pause
Up Arrow: Step
Escape: Clear

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Posted by Knudde (Shab) 25th November, 2012

Please Fix up the screenshots and we'll get this up!
Posted by Duckimation 25th November, 2012

Posted by UrbanMonk 2nd December, 2012

Why doesn't it allow the user to place new cells when the simulation is running? That would be a nice feature.
Posted by Duckimation 6th December, 2012

Thanks for the idea. Now can also pause by pressing shift, and go step-by-step by pressing the up arrow.





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