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Amberblast 8-Core Antivirus
Author: katoz Submitted: 17th August, 2012 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 27

Edited By katoz on 9/9/2012

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Amberblast 8-Core Antivirus is a simple and short shooting/arcade game like invaders, which means, enemies come from top of the screen.

A Virus infected your system, search and destroy it.
You got 8 cores that search for the virus(bottom of the screen). But the virus attacks your cores to shut them down, prevent that by blasting the attackers away. (prevent your blaster from overheating)

If a core gets hit by an attacker it will be shocked for some seconds and then it will reboot. If the core takes another hit in shock/reboot-mode it will shutdown and is lost and the search for the virus will take longer.

Left Arrow - left
Right Arrow - right
Space - Blaster
Shift - left/right boosted
Up Arrow - Firewall



added the Firewall which allows you to have a moment for cooldown

added Heatmeter - does visualize the current condition of the blaster

added Sounds for the blaster, enemy destruction/boss destruction, overheat

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Posted by The Chris Street 21st August, 2012

Can you improve the description a little more?
Posted by hapsi 31st August, 2012

Can you improve your avatar a little Chris . Seriously taken: i could not shoot after a while, and there is no sounds. I suggest "8-bit" retro style sounds.
Posted by s-m-r 6th September, 2012
Rated :

Along with what hapsi said...There's a mention of overheating in the instructions, but there's no way I could tell that I was coming close to overheating. Can you have some kind of on-screen indicator as to when you're going to overheat?

Personally, I think that, for this style of game, an "overheat" mechanic isn't the best choice. There are too many enemies falling from the sky, and no way to really let down your guard to recharge. I think it works against the style of the game.

Can you have ammo pickups to periodically replenish your ammunition stores, for example? That way the player can still shoot a lot, but they have to work to gather bullets instead of simply shooting all over the place.

As it stands, it's fun...I'm a big fan of shmups and Amberblast works for me. Keep tinkering with it and this can be great, katoz!
Posted by katoz 6th September, 2012

Hi, eh.. thanks for the feedback, did not really expect it. Im going to add sounds to the game and may rethink the overheat thing. Ammo and bullets instead of a blaster, I also thought about that but Id rather add kind of a firewall pickup to get some time for cooldown.

Thx again.





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