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Griddy RPG
Author: Nillo Submitted: 11th February, 2012 Favourites:1
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 69

Edited By Nillo on 14/06/2014

Griddy RPG is a grid-based role-playing game. It has a simple combat system with three character attributes, where you can simply walk into enemies to attack them. However, there are many subtle tactics that you can use to give you the edge in battle.

In this game, you will explore a large world that has many different monsters and heaps of gold for you to collect. When you get enough gold, you can upgrade your attributes and become more powerful so you can handle even greater challenges. The gold rewards increase dramatically as the game progresses to encourage you to progress quickly instead of staying in one area to grind.

The game was created in Construct with the help of two other people: NessStar3000 (NS3K) and Watermelon. I made the code, sprites and some music for it, NS3K made the menu artwork and provided feedback during development, and Watermelon created most of the game's soundtrack. All sound effects were created with DrPetter's SFXR tool.

The GriddyRPG executable primarily uses external resources such as text files and image files to generate its content. This means that it can easily be modified by any player as much as they desire. The game also has several unlockable features after you complete it, and an achievements system that provides special challenges for the most dedicated players.

Alternate download link (if MirrorCreator doesn't work):

Review This Download (22 mkb )

Posted by Nillo 23rd February, 2012

A few users had problems with the download, so I added an alternate link on MediaFire in the description. Let me know if there are still any problems.
Posted by alibaba 26th February, 2012
Rated :

I really like this RPG. Whilst it is simple in terms of buying attack and defence stats, it is really addictive due to the diverse areas which makes exploring fun. Well done!
Posted by Nillo 26th February, 2012

Thanks for the comment!

I'm curious if players will actually reach some of the secret areas or find the secret ending. Several of my testers were unable to collect the optional blue key in the Laboratory so I'm fairly confident that the puzzles are a proper challenge.
Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 9th May, 2012

Looks deliciously old-school.

Posted by Rick (AntiMatter Entertainment) 9th May, 2012

My god, this game is beautiful, and punishing! It was made significantly less punishing after discovering the [L]ook command though, as I wasn't stumbling into things that were far too powerful for me. Like alibaba above me said, the stat upgrades might be simple but you have a very good variety of areas and creatures and this game is just really cool.

PS. I thought I was doing pretty well when I got to the Swamp with 6 max HP, 4 attack, and 3 defense, based on one of your screenshots with less stats. How humbling it was to get my arse totally kicked by the first venomous snake I saw. Moments like this keep me coming back!

This totally inspires me to make my own grid-based RPG. I might actually finish one for once if I kept things simple like this.
Posted by Nillo 9th May, 2012

Thank you Rick! I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the game. There are many more powerful enemies than Swamp Serpents to defeat!

If you have trouble fighting the monsters in an area, I would suggest doing a quick scouting trip to see if there are any gold piles nearby that you can collect without fighting. In the Swamp there are several gold piles scattered about that can significantly improve your character.

The simple battle system of Griddy RPG was designed to be an adequate challenge for my programming skills. If I had made it any more complicated I think that the project would have been abandoned long before it was completed. So if you want to make your own RPG, I definitely recommend starting with something simple for your first project and expanding upon it if it's successful!
Posted by Hill Gigas 28th March, 2014

> I really wanted to play this, but it installs a TOOLBAR?! Any file hosting service that installs unwanted software is a very, very bad hosting service. Find a new host please.
Posted by Hill Gigas 29th March, 2014

Spent 6 hours trying to get it all off of my computer. Really nasty malware. Please get a different file host, this one has wrapped your game in all sorts of horrible things!
Posted by Nillo 14th June, 2014

Oh, man! I'm really sorry about the malware, guys. I had no idea they would decide to do such a thing.

Here's a multi-uploading link. It will let you decide what host you want to download from. I hope one of the sites will work for you.




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