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Array Editor Example
Author: Chris Burrows Submitted: 5th September, 2011 Favourites:0
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Edited By Chris Burrows on 11/14/2011


I have created this Array editor to assist in the development of my current project, a survival horror game titled, No Room In Hell.

It stores item name and descriptions in an MMF array which are saved as an external file which then is loaded by my game at runtime.

I built it specifically for my needs but I am sure you can modify it to suit yours. Zip file contains exe and open source mfa file.


Basic edit/delete entry array functions.
Custom scrolling list.
Custom text input (edit box alternative).
Custom scroll bar.
Custom bitmap font.


Arrows: Scroll List
Enter: Edit item
Backspace: Delete Item
+ and - : Edit total number of items
~: Debug info
Escape: Quit

Required Extensions

Control X:
Character Image:

Note: Unfortunately the Character Image object only works in the Developer version of MMF2. If you would like me to make you a version without this object just send me a PM.

Cheers! Have a beautiful day.

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Posted by Bricnic 5th September, 2011

Small typo in there- "Parabellum" vs. "parbellum". Also the police station map item description doesn't end with a full stop / period.
Comment edited by Bricnic on 9/5/2011
Posted by Chris Burrows 6th September, 2011

I think you're missing the point of this example. All fixed though
Posted by UrbanMonk 8th September, 2011

I want to play the game that this was made for.
Posted by Jab 15th September, 2011
Rated :

This example only works with the over priced MMF2D. The Character Extension object only works with the developer version.
Posted by Jab 15th September, 2011
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Posted by Chris Burrows 28th October, 2011

Jab. You made you your account the day you posted this comment, you haven't posted anything but this one comment and you haven't been online since you posted it. Whoever you are, you're a dick.

I've made a new version of this example that does not require the developer version of MMF and also shows how to load the descriptions into a game.





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