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Author: Rob Westbrook Submitted: 4th August, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 200
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Edited By Rob Westbrook on 8/4/2011

A little four level platform game I made for my girlfriend's holiday camp kiddies to play. Based around the theme of rescue.

Although I wasn't intending to go too in-depth, I got tired of MMF's frame editor about 3 tiles into making the first level, so spent most of the time developing the level editor, which is included for your perusal. The game is hardcoded to start on level01.arr, by the way.

Double click the signs or door to change their text/destination level respectively.

All the music comes from - (sorry for the relatively large d/l size)

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

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Posted by Zephni 4th August, 2011
Rated :

I love it

Sometimes I (And many others) get caught up making massive games and complicated engines, but somtimes having a simple goal is the best way! The level editor is easy to understand and works really well, and the game is a simple yet adictive platformer, brilliant Also I like it that it's a guy that gets kidnapped in the video, mixes things up a little!
Posted by Rikus 5th August, 2011
Rated :

I actually had a fun time playing the game and was actually sad when it was all over. You should make another part but with more levels. On a side note when I died and got the game over screen when i selected new game I started with 1 life. Other then that little bug the game played pretty solid.

I will review this for the next klikcast
Posted by Zephni 5th August, 2011
Rated :

Oh yeah I noticed that bug to but forgot to mention it! Yeah maybe extend the game a little more on another version but keep this one coz' it's small and cute.
Posted by s-m-r 5th August, 2011

Haven't beaten the end boss yet, but had some fun with the game so far.

I had some issues with jumping from one platform to a higher one, whenever there was an overhanging platform; the character's head kept smacking into it and shortening the jump. Don't know if that was a quirk of the engine design, the level design, or a little of both. Of course, it could just be me sucking at this game, but I'd recommend you look into the level design at least to be somewhat forgiving in these cases.

I also didn't like the camera action, particularly when looking back and forth; the jump from one direction to the other seemed quite harsh to me.

Maybe the sequel (if you follow-up these suggestions )can have both characters involved in some way? Maybe they trade off on completing levels, or the player can switch between the two, or even have one follow the other (a la Mickey Mousecapade on the NES). A VERY ambitious title would have simultaneous 2-player action, with both characters played by different people at the same time...

I'll have a go at the level editor as well, and see what I can come up with. Sounds exciting!
Comment edited by s-m-r on 8/8/2011
Posted by Rob Westbrook 5th August, 2011

Thanks for the feedback guys!

The length of the game was right for the holiday camp's needs, and I planned on making it longer/better after the deadline. Stay tuned
Posted by Zephni 5th August, 2011
Rated :

Actualy yeah, s-m-r is right about the jumping in my opinion, whether you were doing it on purpose to make it harder, or it just wasn't thought out. It resets your Y to 0 so you instantly come back down =(
Comment edited by Zephni on 8/5/2011
Posted by Rikus 6th August, 2011
Rated :

s-m-r, try and beat the boss, the end sequence is totally worth it, very cute
Posted by AndyUK 6th August, 2011

Short and sweet. Perhaps a bit easy though?
This is the kind of game i want to see more of at TDC.
Posted by Rikus 7th August, 2011
Rated :

Agreed, front paged it!
Posted by steve 8th August, 2011
Rated :

I found the engine a bit "awkward" and unplayable, personally.

*facing left/right camera way too fast & jerky
*deceleration is not high enough (causing me to walk into enemies long after I let go of "right")
*no collision consequence when enemies are jumped on

bug: the lives are set at "zero" after starting a new game.

Posted by nim 8th August, 2011

Just saw this on the front page. Quite enjoyed running through it, although it was very easy. Just two suggestions: I'm not a fan of that camera system. It's good that you put some work into it but it feels like being slapped across the face when you change direction. I call it The Crystal Towers 2 Camera. Also, some effects would be nice when you pick up a coin or bounce on an enemy. Anyway, nice one.
Posted by nim 9th August, 2011

Also meant to say - I really like the music on the last stage!
Posted by Rikus 9th August, 2011
Rated :

I am glad that the game is getting so many comments and some valuable tips on improving it!
Posted by Zephni 9th August, 2011
Rated :

Seems like the game just "remembers" where it left off when you click start "new" game, (the lives we already know about) if you complete the game and then try to start a new game it takes you to a white screen because i'm guessing its looking for level 006 which doesn't exist.
Posted by Rob Westbrook 10th August, 2011

Wow! Front page and a recommend, this is much more than I was expecting Thanks, guys!

Stay tuned for version updates: Got one in the works that fixes the issues mentioned and adds some stuff.





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