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Captain Sugar 3 Level Demo
Author: Rich Datson Submitted: 18th March, 2011 Favourites:0
Genre: Adventure Downloads: 83

Edited By Rich Datson on 3/18/2011

Edited By Rich Datson on 3/18/2011

Welcome to the Wonderful world of Captain Sugar, a candy based mid 90s style platformer.


Here is a little demo version to get an idea of what the game will look like when complete.

So far there is 3 playable levels, about 15 different types of monsters and some weapons to mess round with.

The title screen is just a quick make shift one for the mean time.

In later versions there will be many more levels and a proper story line with cut scenes.


To see the project page go here:


So far I know of two major ones which I'm still fixing but do let me know what you find.

If you can't duck for some reason just press V on your keyboard to fix the problem.

Also would like to know if the game is too hard or easy...

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Posted by The Chris Street 18th March, 2011
Rated :

I'll repeat what I said in the comments section of your project:

Constructive Criticism:

1. The players "jump" animation does not play when he is standing still.

2. Its often hard to see the powerups / collectables

3. Its also hard to distinguish which elements of the level are platforms and which are backdrops. Ie, some plants you cant stand on, but some logs you can. Be consistent!

4. I dislike the scrolling in the 2nd level. Theres too much "screen switching" for very small areas and its not necessary.

5. Some of the graphics were very hard on the eyes. I suffer from epilepsy and these sorts of graphics are likely to trigger fits. Fortunately my condition is medicated, but my eyes did hurt afterwards.

Just some things to think about. Overall I quite liked it
Posted by AugustoAD 19th March, 2011

Agree with Chris.

thanks god he didn't played my first MMF game!
Posted by Codemonster 19th March, 2011

Chris, you suffer from epilepsy?

Some of your games would be far more of a trigger than this one even. I can't believe you actually said that.
Comment edited by Codemonster on 3/19/2011
Posted by Duncan 19th March, 2011

I wrote comments on the project page too, it's a superb game, download it!
Posted by The Chris Street 20th March, 2011
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I do indeed suffer from epilepsy. But I don't feel any of my games would be a trigger. I'm talking about intense colour clashes that this game seems to have in spades, that trigger fits.
Posted by johnpow66 21st March, 2011
Rated :

awesomeee gameee love the graphics
Posted by Ski 27th March, 2011

...I thought anyone can suffer from colour flashing induced epilepsy? Hence why hundreds of kids in Asia collapsed during the same pokemon episode...
Posted by The Chris Street 4th April, 2011
Rated :

I think the Pokemon incident triggered general fits, as opposed to epileptic ones. I have to be honest, I don't know too much about the Pokemon thing, but maybe their epilepsy was dormant or undiagnosed.

I know that when I fit, I see coloured flashing lights in my eyes and thats all I see, it's like I'm suddenly blind and can only see a tiny portion of the real world behind the colours. Then I will collapse, convulse for any period up to about 30 minutes. I will then fall unconcious for a couple of hours, wake up with the worlds most epic migrane and require more sleep immediately.

Not being able to see is actually quite scary at times.





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