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Zelda Gameboy Color Engine
Author: shadowlink Submitted: 17th January, 2011 Favourites:1
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Edited By shadowlink on 1/17/2011

Zelda GBC Engine V1.0

Doubleteam Productions proudly presents the first of many! This is the Zelda Gameboy Color Engine, created in Multimedia Fusion 2 to replicate the classic engine to absolute perfection! While only in the early stages, we are very proud to be able to show this open-source piece of work. It's taken months to build, and a few people to help. Since September we at Doubleteam have dreamed of this moment.

Controls are very simple:

Z - Use item in Z slot/equip item to Z slot
X - Use item in X slot/equip item to X slot
Enter - Open/close the menu
Arrow Keys - Move


Doubleteam Staff...

Jeod - Programmer, Graphic Artist
Link125 - Programmer

External Contributors...

Xfixium - Graphic Style Artist
David Newton - Fastloop Movement Engine
Simon Pittock - Resolution Selection Menu, Pegasus Boots Code, Inventory Code
Cecil - Heart Widget
D-Pad - Search for the Sword remix
HelpTheWretched - Sound effects
Cybercube - Bug Testing
Nintendo - The Zelda series itself

If we forgot you and you contributed to this engine, please email us and let us know so we can put you in the credits for the next release version!

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Posted by Silveraura 21st January, 2011

I don't remember GBC having that much color.
Posted by steve 21st January, 2011
Rated :

good work so far
Posted by Willy C 21st January, 2011
Rated :

Add some enemies! Otherwise solidness!
Posted by shadowlink 23rd January, 2011


Well your memory is still there. We have used revamped sprites and included LTTP sounds. So while the aesthetics have changed, we will still stay true to the feel of the original engine.

Just a minor update, we have nearly finished off all the items, with only the hookshot, power bracelet and Roc's feather left to code. As for enemies, we will begin working on those later down the track once we have done most, if not all if of Link's actions (e.g. falling, swimming, etc)
Posted by Bricnic 23rd January, 2011
Rated :

Really cool Already looking fantastic. A few bugs I've noticed (really minor stuff):

* If you start running with the boots (that is, charging them up), and then stop charging, the next time you charge you don't have to go through the charge again. I believe in the original it resets your charge if you let go of the button. Also, it seems that sometimes you randomly don't have to charge it up at all.

* When transitioning across screens, the shield is left behind until a movement is made.

* If the boomerang is thrown, and more than one screen is transitioned before it returns, it will sit on the edge of the screen indefinitely (looping the noise), or at least until you enter within 1 screen of it again. In fact, this can be achieved even just with 1 screen transition- stand in the left part of the top right screen, throw it to the right and immediately walk left. The boomerang is now stuck.

* Holding down ENTER will show the inventory and immediately close it again.

* The maximum number of heart containers is not restricted to 14.

* In the inventory system, if I pick up an item in slot Z from position 1, and an item in slot X from position 2, then I cannot put down the slot X item in position 1 (though I can put down the slot Z item here), and vice versa.

* Fire is supposed to burn the plants.

* It is impossible to access the inventory while any item is being used (I guess this makes it easier to block exploits / unintended behaviour, but for example even if there is just a burning graphic going, you cannot change items!)

* If the boomerang is in flight, simply facing a block will play and loop the pushing animation (while it normally requires the button to be held).

* The positions of the sword + fire staff are also not updated when transitioning screens. This makes them look really weird if you attack with them straight after a transition (they update as soon as you move though).

* The pots are appearing in the layer above the sword. So if you swing the sword at them, they appear on top of the sword (unlike say, the pushing blocks).

* When holding down the sword and running into an object, the correct "tink" sound and behaviour happens. It should be significantly faster to repeat though (at the moment, it is so slow that you almost get the powered up sword while doing it- the sound even plays just before the tink happens).

* If you charge into an object with the boots, and continue to hold down charge after the collision, Link becomes frozen. Pressing movement keys does nothing at first, but after a bit his walking animation will play (though he is stationary). Also, after a collision, his walking animation plays at about twice the speed it is supposed to (when just walking normally).

* The charge on the sword is supposed to reset when transitioning across screens.

* The bomb is supposed to destroy plants. It is also supposed to disappear upon transitioning a screen.

* If you press charge and then immediately hold sword, letting go of charge, Link will sit there "powering up" the charge forever (until the key is released that is). This also works with the shield.

* When the boots are equipped, Link cannot do his usual powered up sword attack. The sound plays, but no spin is performed. The slash animation also plays incorrectly.

I think I'll leave it at that for now because if I point out too many minor gripes it will look like I'm only finding problems. This is actually very impressive, I loved Link's awakening and wish you every success in recreating this masterpiece. Good luck!

Edit: I really hate that "= )" (without the space) becomes an equals sign followed by a smiley.. that should really be fixed. Even worse is that when editing a comment, you get lots of HTML everywhere, e.g. "<br />" appears at every line break... but that's not really related to this download anyway
Comment edited by Bricnic on 1/23/2011
Posted by shadowlink 23rd January, 2011

Thanks Bricnic for posting your findings. With the addition of our new dedicated bug tester to the team, balloondude2 and another programmer Viewtiful, we have been able to spot most of the issues you posted and have fixed them. However there are some that we missed that you did post so we appreciate your effort Image
Comment edited by shadowlink on 1/23/2011
Posted by Bricnic 24th January, 2011
Rated :

Excellent, glad I could help Keep up the good work, this is looking very exciting!
Posted by Simon Colmer 18th February, 2011

Good work so far - cant wait to see more!
Posted by Bastardo 12th March, 2011
Rated :

Very interesting project! A few years ago I was making something quite close to this, although I then found the most of the problems in creating a smart system to add enemies.

When can we expect to see another, more recent update?

Great work fellows! Keep up!

Posted by James83 3rd May, 2017

anyone have a way to DL this ?
Posted by Cobra Blade 6th August, 2017

Give this a try James.





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