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Abandoned Game Compilation
Author: monkeytherat Submitted: 26th November, 2010 Favourites:1
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 187

Edited By monkeythreat on 2/7/2011

Hello fellow Klikers! I had this idea to make a huge compilation of a bunch of people's unfinished projects... There is a thread for this (link above) and I plan on putting out a download every couple of weeks/months which updates the DL with new unfinished things. Anything submitted must be open source, and please only submit mfa files (may eventually be able to put in other types of files) and a txt file for any notes you have, if any.

For more info please see the thread ( ) and post there if you want to add your stuff. Thanks and bye

So... no people have donated anything But anyway, I decided to just upload my stuff (which is still a lot) and will update this if/ when anyone wants to donate.

EDIT: Thank you Assault Andy, Strife, Jon C-B, Shab, Sumo148, Wiiman, Pixelthief, Nastyman

Projects in this pack include but are not limited to:
-Various graphics
-Platform engine
-Top-down shooters
-Grid movement
-A platform adventure game with working stats
-A grid based paint program
-A cool screensaver
-A broken pong game
-An AI that jumps toward you
-A paralaxing test
-Videogame-style text (1 letter at a time)
-A game where you smash kittens...
-Some slight variants of what's above, but with different graphics
-2 games where you go through a "maze" to get to the end (8-way movement)
-An early version of Circle Game
-A sonic fangame/ engine
-A zombie game
-A Shooter game
-A Movement engine

More is to be added as soon as I get donations, and please tell me what you think

This is meant as either a reference or something to work on if you are short of ideas, but I don't care how you use it as long as you credit whoever made whatever you are using.

Download is a torrent, please seed! Since no one is seeding... the torrent is temporarily a rar again.

It's a rar forever!

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Posted by The Chris Street 26th November, 2010

Before we accept, why don't you tell us what this compilation contains?
Posted by monkeytherat 26th November, 2010

Edited Image I just put the description from the project page, if you need me to go into more detail in the download page please just tell me and I will edit it as soon as I get the message
Comment edited by monkeytherat on 11/26/2010
Posted by The Chris Street 26th November, 2010

You still might want to tell us whats inside here Are there platform engines, for example? Early games? Top-down shooters?

Posted by Assault Andy 26th November, 2010

You should also seperate the end bracket from the link, so that it works properly when clicked.
Comment edited by Assault Andy on 11/28/2010
Posted by monkeytherat 26th November, 2010

ok will do

Posted by Søren Jensen 28th November, 2010

ewww torrentz
tell me if u need a real hosting
Posted by monkeytherat 28th November, 2010

yes please
Posted by Knockturnal 29th November, 2010

No one's seeding.
Why not make a direct dl?
If I do get the torrent files I will probably seed it 24/7. (Running a minecraft server on this computer)
Posted by Blue66 30th November, 2010

Why torrent? Aren't there enough free webspace servers available for you?
Posted by Knockturnal 1st December, 2010

Thanks for fixing the dl bro
Posted by monkeytherat 1st December, 2010







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