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Cave of no Return
Author: Anders Andersson Submitted: 22nd November, 2010 Favourites:2
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 381

Edited By Anders Andersson on 11/22/2010

Cave of no Return is a simple platform game where the goal is to survive for as long as possible. Dwelve as deep into the cave as possible, and compete with others online for the highest score.

The controls are simple. Press up to jump, and down to slide and should all else fail, just press left to restart from the beginning.

If the screen size is to large or small, press + or - to adjust to your liking.

More information, and instructions on how to play, can be found on

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Posted by The Chris Street 22nd November, 2010

Can you add a bit more of a description to your download?
Posted by Zephni 22nd November, 2010
Rated :

wow i love that look! what resolution is the game useing? i love the style, il download it now!
Posted by Anders Andersson 22nd November, 2010

The game is in 320x240, multiplied by three by default (change with + and -).
Posted by Zephni 22nd November, 2010
Rated :

OMG i loves this game so much! its awesome... i got like 12k so far but im gonna try and get more xxxx
Posted by alessandroLino 22nd November, 2010

This game is so freaking beautiful.
Posted by Marko 22nd November, 2010
Rated :

Absolutely brilliant! Not sure what you could actually do to improve this as at the moment it's almost gaming perfection and so addictive.

Also, it is exceptionally gorgeous to look at, with the pixel art just shining through the grey which not only adds to the appeal but is integrated into the games challenge.

Posted by MasterM 22nd November, 2010

that looks really cool and i feel like giving this one a try.

does anybody remember the 2bit craze on TK (total klik if you have no idea what TK stands for).
that was by far the BEST event on the history of klik.

the graphics of this game just reminded me of this so I'm totally gonna give it a try.
Posted by Sumo148 22nd November, 2010
Rated :

Wow, this game is great. I loved the artwork and style of the game. I've only gotten about 10,000 points so far. I'm going to try to go for more!
Posted by The Chris Street 22nd November, 2010

Yeah I remember that, though I can't remember if it went anywhere I think Total Klik should be revived in a simpler format
Posted by TheoX 23rd November, 2010
Rated :

This game is so, so slick. It's really addicting too, nearing Super-Crate-Box-levels. Love the music, it's really impressive and doesn't grate on your nerves like the music in the aforementioned game. Sound effects are great too, I especially enjoy the sliding SFX, which is good because sliding seems to be crucial to stay ahead of the falling rocks behind you (I found no other way to outrun them).

My high score is 12732. I am burned out for the moment but may come back to play this more later, it's really great!
Posted by Zephni 23rd November, 2010
Rated :

i cant get the - and + to make it bigger and smaller. I honestly love this style of graphics it amazing, you need to give a lesson on it
Posted by Anders Andersson 23rd November, 2010

Using the - and + above the right Enter button on your keyboard 'should' work. If it doesn't, perhaps there is some compability issue :/

About the graphics, there's not much to be said except that less is more sometimes

Thanks again for the nice comments.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 23rd November, 2010
Rated :

Really great graphics and music! The game itself is great as an arcade game, but I don't think I'll return to it that much. Still, great game!
Posted by Deaval 23rd November, 2010

Pretty good randomizing of the level.

My one complain is mostly that the spikes you're supposed not to hit blends in to the background and hard to seperate from it.

Other than that you did a awesome job, ...Anders Andersson... You can't be much else than a suede, eh?
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 23rd November, 2010
Rated :

It's actually swede, suede is "a type of leather with a napped finish"(wiki-piki). And I believe Erik Johansson is the most common swedish male name and Maria Johansson the most common female name. So now you know.
Posted by Anders Andersson 23rd November, 2010

Yeah, I am a swede

Unusually enough, the weather is stereotypically (for Sweden) cold and snowy, too. No polar bears spotted yet, though

Great weather for sprite animation...
Comment edited by Anders Andersson on 11/23/2010
Posted by Duncan 23rd November, 2010

If you spam the down key enough, this game becomes a lot easier!

Edit: I watched the trailer on the website and now I'm reassured I'm playing the game the proper way. Excellent!
Comment edited by Duncan on 11/23/2010
Posted by Zephni 24th November, 2010
Rated :

yeah the - and + keys deffinatley arnt working for me, oh well.
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 24th November, 2010
Rated :

They work for me! Nyah-ha!
Posted by SevenT2 - [GameStormers] 25th November, 2010

I really REALLY want/need a graphic artist, lol.

Beautiful game! Addictive!
Posted by Zephni 26th November, 2010
Rated :

wooo 23634 points in the top 10 =
Posted by Zephni 26th November, 2010
Rated :

So, would you mind sharing the code for how the level generation works? or a little idea of how you have done it. Ive only found a couple of probs (btw i play this game atleast 150 times a day since you released it lol) On the second part of the level, i have had it happen about 4 times in total, where you are on a high level platform and there is a obstical coming from the top.. and just by running off the top of the platform you can get through oh well. its still awesum, but.... do tell...
Posted by Anders Andersson 28th November, 2010


The code is sort of a mess, but the general principle is that I have a variable that represent the ground level. The variable can take one of three values, depending on if the ground is high, middle or low. The variable is changed at random, more often at high levels - this results in few changes (flat terrain) being made early in the game, and more changes (more bulky terrain) being made later on.

The game is not scrolling horizontally the normal way, since I wanted to keep the frame size small. The size is 320x1024, since jumping is handled traditionally by moving the player object, and focusing the frame on the player object (actually on the camera following the player object). Horizontal scrolling is done by "shooting" the cave from the right.

Anyway, it's great fun to hear that you play the game a lot - It keeps me motivated to keep creating.

Posted by looki 11th February, 2011
Rated :

The game is awesome and very addictive, but what annoys me is that when you land on an edge and should make the jump, you die. Great game though.
Posted by HitmanN 20th February, 2011
Rated :

A decent and quite fun little game.




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