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Planet Wars (alpha demo)
Author: colej_uk Submitted: 12th November, 2010 Favourites:1
Genre: Action Downloads: 297

Hello Daily click! I don't think I've posted anything on here for about 4 years. I've been doing a degree, and I took a long, prolonged break from clicking. But it's been too long.

I recently got back into MMF2 and started a re-make of a game I was working on back in '06.

This is quite an early demo for you. It's a top-down alien shooter, with some elements of strategy. I've tried to make it unique in a few areas; first off, you can customise your weapons. There are six elements to each weapon you can change, leading to a large amount of different combinations. The second innovation is that you can build stuff on the battlefield- giving the game an RTS element.

The screenshots will give you a good idea of what to expect anyway

I've been using lacewing to make it multiplayer co-op, and it mostly works although there are still bugs.

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Posted by The Chris Street 12th November, 2010

This looks incredible, has a fantastic Borderlands-esque graphical style
Posted by HitmanN 13th November, 2010

Looks indeed great. Will have to try it sometime.
Posted by Assault Andy 14th November, 2010
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Really nice game! I really like it. There are a couple of things that I think you could tweak to make a bit better, but overall, super great game!

I would really like the option to have an absolute control scheme (where W always moves up, D always moves right etc.) instead of the relative one that's currently in. The relative movement you have in there is not one I'm used to but I understand that some other people might like it more.

I also think you should get rid of all the "Windows" elements such as edit boxes, buttons, etc. and replace them with your own graphical versions. That's just sometihng that would be a nice bit of polish.
Posted by 3kliksphilip 14th November, 2010
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Wow! Reminds me of Triumph! War, I'm sure you must have had at least a bit of inspiration from that legendary game.

I love what you've got here at the moment, perhaps you could add some music, make the movement the usual WASD control (Like what Assault Andy said). Finally, you should make the alien spawners slightly easier to destroy, I was unloading hundreds of shots into them and it got very frustrating.

I love the graphics, the AI and the overall feel of the game, perhaps make it more splattery when you shoot the enemies. I like how they get bits blown off them.
Posted by Resident-Pyromaniac 14th November, 2010
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woah, I remember this game...
Posted by colej_uk 14th November, 2010

Hey folks, thanks for the suggestions!

An alternative movement system shouldn't be too hard to implement in the future.

It is influenced by Triumph. It's always been by fav click game, and I loved playing it multiplayer. I've always just wanted to expand it with my own ideas and this is pretty much the result.
Posted by Assault Andy 14th November, 2010
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Sounds great! I look forward to playing it with new controls
Posted by Jason Orme 15th November, 2010

Love the graphics
Posted by Marko 16th November, 2010

i WILL get round to playing this - it's very attractive!
Posted by NostalgicAlgorithms 25th May, 2012

Another broken link... Please upload again!






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