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Shab's Abandonware Pack
Author: Knudde (Shab) Submitted: 4th November, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 146

A Collection of abandoned and old stuff. It IS OSM (Open Source Month) after all...

First Up
Core - Revision 800 or something.
Countless revision of what was to be the main core engine. Made in TGF, resaved in fusion. A Platform engine and a bunch of graphics.

Combo Block Bomber Rush
My puzzle game, fully open sourced. Not much else to say here

Laser Puzzle Challenge
A Laser puzzle game with built in level editor which is a pain in the ass to use. Was going to redo all the code, but simply wasn't interested. Includes a level pack.

The rest of this is essentially "crap".
Graphics and a combo swinging system

Your Basic Choplifter engine. Modelled after Choplifter 2 for the Gameboy.

Missile Command
A Crap missile command clone started for the DC arcade

Essentially a graphical demo.

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Posted by Hagar 5th November, 2010

Hope your starting afresh in MMF2 and not giving up on clicking
Posted by nim 6th November, 2010

Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed IKA the most. The jumping arc is perfect and the overall gameplay so far strongly reminds me of the action segments in Actraiser. I'd love to see this as a full game.
Posted by Phredreeke 6th November, 2010

crap by shab standard is still gold by any other standard.





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